LA Knight breaks silence after disguising himself as a security guard to attack AJ Styles on SmackDown

LA Knight outsmarted The Phenomenal One on SmackDown after getting arrested last week for invading his home.

LA Knight breaks silence after disguising himself as a security guard to attack AJ Styles on SmackDown

LA Knight and AJ Styles on SmackDown (via WWE)

There has been a cat-and-mouse chase going on in WWE between LA Knight and AJ Styles. Knight, who looks for redemption against Styles, is on a rampage to sabotage the former WWE Champion. On the latest episode of SmackDown, he got his hands on the Phenomenal One. The Megastar sent another stern message to his WrestleMania opponent a few hours later.


The 41-year-old star simply posted an edited picture of himself with an interesting caption for AJ Styles. He took to X to inform Styles that he could not run forever. It was a straight-up deterrent by LA Knight. For weeks, the former WWE Champion has been running away from The Megastar. Therefore, last night’s segment was nothing but an inevitability.

Can’t run forever @AJStylesOrg…YEAH 
LA Knight to AJ Styles (via X)

Besides, Knight disguised himself as a security guard even after Nick Aldis told him not to be on the show. Thereafter, he laid a vicious ambush on Styles. It all started after the events of the Elimination Chamber, where the Phenomenal One cost the 41-year-old the chance to face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania.

Recently, the former Million Dollar Champion invaded the house of the 46-year-old. Although it went nowhere, Styles was successful in saving himself. Needless to say, the rivalry between the two stars has been one of the most personal feuds heading into WrestleMania. Styles and Knight are set to collide at the Grandest Stage of Them All.


LA Knight admits his match with AJ Styles is not going to be a show stealer

In a few weeks, LA Knight is going to wrestle his first singles match at WrestleMania against AJ Styles. The two stars are incredibly talented, as they are veterans of the business. Recently, Knight expressed his views on his first match at the Show of Shows. The Megastar went on to say that it has the potential to be a banger. However, by no means is he claiming that it is going to be stellar.

LA Knight vs. AJ Styles
LA Knight vs. AJ Styles (via WWE)

In an interview with Jimmy V, Knight stated that WrestleMania is going to be held a few hours away from his homeland. As such, his family and friends are going to be in attendance. Therefore, he is looking forward to his match with Styles. However, the live crowd in Philadelphia will decide if it is going to be a show-stopper or not.

There’s a lot of tension going into this match, there’s a lot of animosity, there’s a lot of energy going into this match. So for damn sure, it could be as the kids say a banger. Will it be a show stealer? I don’t know. Maybe we’ll let history decide that one, but you can bet your a** is gonna be good.
LA Knight on his match at WrestleMania

Only time will tell how things are going to be for both Knight and Styles. The two stars have shown incredible chemistry in the feud, which makes many think that they might deliver a classic at WrestleMania. Besides, there have been some rumors of WWE adding a stipulation to the bout as well.

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