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“I’m going to break this cycle of drugs, abuse, and police”; Liv Morgan opens up about her past

Liv Morgan opens up about her youth where is got into drugs and abuses and everyday the police would land ip in her house.

Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan is not a very old face in the WWE ring. The 28 year old champion is on her way to dominate the women’s division by defeating every person who dares come in between her and her title. We have seen her grow from a team player to someone who would mark her identity herself. She is currently the holder of the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship, her first ever title.


She won the Money in the Bank contract at the Money in the Bank and cashed in her briefcase against the mighty Ronda Rousey. The WWE Universe was convinced of the fact that she attacked a Ronda Rousey who was not 100% and thus won the title. By defeating Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam, she proved to everyone that she has a reason to be here and she earned it. 

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Liv Morgan spent her youth in a not-so-good environment

Liv Morgan opens up about her past

Her journey to the top might seem easy but if we look at the circumstances Liv Morgan grew up in, one would have only respect for her. In a recent interview, Liv opened up about her past and how she allowed WWE to change her life.

Liv Morgan did not have a very favourable environment to grow in. She was into drugs and abuse. There was hardly a day where the police did not come to their door. It was then when WWE came to her life. She decided that she would not let her and her parents suffer anymore. 

So when I saw WWE for the first time, I fell in love, and I was like, this is it. It was like, I’m going to save my family. I’m going to break this cycle of drugs, abuse, and police at my house almost every single night. I was like, this is not going to be my life, and I’m going to also change their lives,”Liv said. 

Liv Morgan might have a not-so-good past but the way she is in the ring is beyond exceptional. The way she stood tall and confident in front of Ronda Rousey is commendable. Now we know where she gets her strength from. There’s a long way to go for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion.

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