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“New Hulk Hogan,” Logan Paul gets top of the chart compliment for his potential in professional wrestling

Paul made his debut in a tag team match alongside The Miz against The Mysterios.

Hulk Hogan- Logan Paul

Logan Paul did surprise the world, especially his fans when he showed his athletic abilities in the boxing world, but more so, he impressed astonishingly way more in his professional wrestling debut. Paul, a public figure and an influencer who started off as a Youtuber is now a boxer, a professional wrestler and an entrepreneur. Paul entered the world of boxing through the concept of “Youtubers’ boxing” where only Youtubers having rivalries against each other would fight.

Paul in his debut had a draw followed by a decision loss in his second fight to his then-rival now business partner, KSI. On the grounds of exhibition boxing, Paul went on to fight an undefeated boxer and recently inducted International Boxing Hall of Famer, Floyd Mayweather where Paul managed to have some moments against Mayweather. This year, Paul went on to have his professional wrestling debut at the grandest stage possible, WWE’s Wrestlemania.

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True Geordie calls Logan Paul ‘the most natural wrestler’

True Geordie- Logan Paul

In an interview with Youtuber Brian Davis aka True Geordie, Paul receives a one-of-a-kind compliment from Geordie for the successful debut Paul had in Wrestlemania as mentioned before. In the midst of this conversation, Paul was thanking Geordie again and again for the compliments and also confirmed that he has a deal with WWE for multiple professional wrestling bouts now.

“I think you have major potential in the wrestling world,” says Geordie “You are the most natural wrestler… you were so good, you were amazing… we got the best debut, especially at Wrestlemania… you can be the new Hulk Hogan type figure like- blonde head blue-eyed kid, dodgy hairline, you can have that…”

What do you think of Geordie’s compliments? Do you think Paul will be the next Hulk Hogan in WWE? Hogan was definitely a monumental professional wrestling icon back during the 1970s-80s era of professional wrestling who carried on to immensely put an impact even in the latter stages of his career until his retirement and eventually elevated the stalk for professional wrestling in front of the world and in sports-entertainment history for life.

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