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BREAKING : YouTube sensation Logan Paul officially signs with WWE

Social Media personality and part time boxer Logan Paul has officially signed with WWE

Logan Paul has signed with WWE as announced on Twitter

Popular Internet personality and occasional professional boxing sensation Logan Paul has officially inked a deal with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as announced by him on Twitter. Moments ago, Paul posted two pics on Twitter posing with WWE Chairwoman and CEO Stephanie McMahon and Triple H showcasing the WWE contract and a big smile on his face.

This is a huge signing for WWE in their vision to target the younger sized audience market which is often termed as the key 18-49 demographic. This section of people remain the most demanding audience range for television broadcasters and Logan Paul is definitely gonna help them a lot in bringing that towards The McMahons. Paul owns a YouTube channel having over 23 million subscribers and he’s well-known for having a crazy fanbase around the globe.

Per Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, the agreement between Paul and WWE is said to being that of a Multi-year with the social media icon slated to wrestle multiple matches per year. He recently wrestled at WWE’s biggest event of the year Wrestlemania teaming up with The Miz against The Mysterios.

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Logan Paul has officially challenged The Miz to a match at Summerslam this year

Logan Paul vs. The Miz is rumoured for Summerslam

After delivering a stupendous performance at Wrestlemania thus year, Logan Paul impressed a tons of wrestling fans over the world. He acted like a complete packaged wrestler at Mania delivering Frog Splashes and mocking the late great Eddie Guerrero which generated a nuclear heat for him. Ultimately Logan Paul and The Miz defeated The Mysterios and following their match the A-lister showed his true colours by turning over his partner Paul delivering a Skull crushing finale which received a huge crowd reaction to a surprise. It was during then only that seeds were sown for a future Miz vs. Logan Paul matchup.

Recently on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw, The Miz announced that he will once again team up with Logan Paul at Summerslam and insisted that he has learned from his previous mistakes he did at Wrestlemania few months earlier. It is although clear fromfrom here that this all is an indicative of a grudge match almost certain to happen between the two at the Biggest Party of the Summer next month.

Well, we did not have to wait long for as following signing up his WWE contract, Logan Paul has officially thrown a challenge towards the A-lister for a Summerslam showdown. In a video released by WWE on their digital platforms Logan Paul said that he’s not signed that contract to team up with The Miz as he’s dead for him rather he’s signed that contract so that he can kick Miz’s a*s.

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