“A**hole!!!” Matt Riddle vehemently slams an unscrupulous officer at the JFK airport for sexually assaulting him

WWE Superstar Matt Riddle fell victim to an abominable act courtesy of an officer at the JFK airport.

“A**hole!!!” Matt Riddle vehemently slams an unscrupulous officer at the JFK airport for sexually assaulting him

Matt Riddle falls prey to a sexual assault (Image Credits: WWE)

Matt Riddle has exposed an officer deployed at JFK Airport in NYC. In a long note on his Instagram account, the WWE superstar accused the sheriff of sexual assault. The former UFC fighter described how he even agreed to the pictures earlier on. However, the government official decided to rub Matt the wrong way, rendering the latter’s presence nugatory. Matt Riddle didn’t exactly note what transpired during his interaction.

Whatever that would’ve been, it definitely wasn’t pleasant, to say the least. Moreover, it’s not the only occasion where a wrestler has faced such inappropriate behavior at the airport. Matt Riddle was discontent to the point that he judged his experience as one of the most uncomfortable travel days and called that man an ‘a**hole’. As a result of such an anti-social antics from the officer, Riddle had no choice but to drag in the entire city of New York.


Had he not cared about his public image, Riddle could’ve easily knocked down the aforementioned guy. There’s no word on whether the local department has taken any legal action against the said officer or not. Sexual assaults have had a strange connection with The Original Bro.

For the unversed, the 37-year-old has also been an alleged culprit in the heinous act. In 2020, independent wrestler Candy Cartwright filed a complaint against Riddle for sexually harassing her. However, due to a lack of credible evidence, the lawsuit was eventually dropped.

Not to mention his real-life issues with his former wife, Lisa Rennie, who divorced Matt last year. The kids eventually settled with their mother, as they’ve found a new joy in life together. Rennie has accused Riddle and his girlfriend, Misha Montana, of being terrible parents. As of now, the former one-half of RK-Bro is expecting his first baby with the adult star.


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What is going on with Matt Riddle in WWE?

Matt Riddle and Drew McIntyre
Matt Riddle and Drew McIntyre have been entertaining as a duo (via- WWE)

After his WWE run seemed to be in the doldrums, he found a new friend in Drew McIntyre. The contrasting nature of their alliance is what makes it interesting. The story currently revolves around Riddle repeatedly convincing McIntyre to have his back. Also, the unserious nature of Matt’s gimmick aligns perfectly with a goliath like Drew.

Even though it has the potential to replicate Riddle’s pairing with Randy Orton, the newly formed alliance won’t probably last long. The Scottish Warrior is incensed over Jey Uso’s arrival on Monday Night Raw. Moreover, this week on Monday, Kofi Kingston inadvertently cost McIntyre and Riddle their tag match against The Viking Raiders.


That left the Scottish Warrior in agony, and he later asked Kingston to better watch out next time. It appears that Drew McIntyre is on the verge of exploring. If his ongoing partnership with Riddle leads McIntyre nowhere, he might have to unleash the Scottish Psychopath hidden inside.

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