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“He’s in Vince’s cahoots”; When Brock Lesnar revealed how Dwayne Johnson and Vince McMahon conspired against him

Brock Lesnar had once revealed that Vince McMahon and Dwayne Johnson conspired against him

Vince McMahon, Dwayne Johnson, and Brock Lesnar

Dwayne Johnson and Brock Lesnar can simply be named in the list of pioneers that the wrestling industry has seen starting from scrap and gaining a lot of popularity along with success. The two men are not left with anything to achieve in the squared circle and have proved the world why they are an inspiration and motivation to millions around the world.

Brock Lesnar and Dwayne Johnson

Lesnar, in the book ‘Death Clutch’ revealed that in his earlier days, he felt that Dwayne Johnson and Vince McMahon always teed up and conspired against him. The Beast Incarnate revealed that he was not going to lose to the People’s Champ at WrestleMania 19 but the decision was made at the last minute and he feels that Johnson had some inputs in that decision making.

“No one had the guts to tell me the truth, until it was time to step into the ring. Just from the look on Dwayne’s face and the tone in Jack’s voice, I knew they were in on something I wasn’t. It was obvious to me that Vince, Dwayne and Jack were all in cahoots, and I wasn’t being smartened up to the situation until the very last minute.”


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When will Brock Lesnar return to WWE?

Brock Lesnar lost his WWE Championship to Roman Reigns in a championship Unification match at WrestleMania 38. Since then, the Beast Incarnate has not returned to the company since then which has been a stevack for the WWE Universe. But the former WWE Champion is still being advertised for Money in the Bank which is scheduled to take place in July.

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