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Top 5 Superstars having the most the number of victories at the Money in the Bank event

We take a look at the Top 5 Superstars having the most the number of victories at the Money in the Bank event

Money in the Bank

In the world of professional wrestling it is always expected for the talent to be creative and entertaining so as to be relevant with the fanbase. It is also the case with the type of matches the promotion has to offer from the fans. Over the years WWE has come up with various type of matches that has kept fans wanting for more such as Hell in Cell, TLC, Steel Cage match, Elimination Chamber and many more. One of the fan favourite attraction has been the Money in the Bank ladder match. Money in the Bank has been so popular that WWE named a whole ppv after namesake match.

 In 2005 Chris Jericho came up with the idea for the MITB match and pitched it to WWE creative and Vince McMahon and got a positive reply. At that years Wrestlemania WWE decided to have the first Money in the Bank ladder match whose winner would get a title shot at any place and at any time. Edge was the winner of inaugural MITB ladder match and later cashed it on an vulnerable Cena to win his first WWE Championship . Since then the match and cash ins have become an phenomenon has given chance for wrestlers to win the World Championship in WWE.

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CM Punk is the only wrestler to win Money in the Bank more than once

Money in the Bank 2022

 The Money in the Bank match has been a huge success so much so that WWE in 2010 decided to dedicate a whole pay per view to the match. Since 2010 the pay per view was all inclusive for years but after the brand spilt it was made a brand specific pay per view. In 2017 for the first time in its history WWE introduced the Women’s Money in the Bank match and has been contibued ever since.

Although the pay per views main attraction are the two MITB matches the event also has matches which are title matches or to continue feuds between wrestlers who aren’t the part of MITB match. Here is the list of most successful wrestlers at the MITB pay per view –

  1. The Usos – The Usos have been the most successful tag team in the recent history and their record fat the MITB PPV shows why. The Usos have 3 victories at the PPV
  2. Roman Reigns – The Tribal Chief is the single most dominant wrestler in the world right now and the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion has an impressive record at the MITB PPV as well with 4 victories to his name.
  3. Seth Rollins – The most successful superstar at the MITB PPV is Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins with he Visionary having an impressive 6 victories at the PPV and would love to make it 7 this coming saturday
  4. John Cena – Any list in WWE will be incomplete if it didn’t have John Cena’s name In it. The 16 time WWE  Champion has 3 victories at the event.
  5.  Charlotte Flair – The queen is the only female wrestler in the list with Charlotte Flair having 3 victories to her name which ties her with John Cena.

Money in the Bank is just around the corner and the PPV has everyone excited as the winner of the coveted MITB briefcase might change the landscape of WWE.

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