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“I go in, do my thing”- Pat McAfee reveals on what he knows about Vince McMahon’s Scandal

WWE Color Commentator Pat McAfee says that he doesn't know anything about Vince McMahon's scandal

Pat McAfee commentating in WWE

Pat McAfee is known for his energetic and unique commentary in WWE. Pat McAfee is also a professional wrestler, he trained to be a professional wrestler in 2017 and made his in-ring debut in 2020. Before becoming a Professional Wrestler and commentator, Pat Mcafee was a professional American footballer and played in the position of Punter and as a Kickoff Specialist.He is widely praised for his career as a footballer.

Pat McAfee is one of the men that Brock lesnar had praised in his recent interview, he had termed McAfee along with Vince McMahon and The Rock as a “High Flier”, who hated the word “No”. Pat made his WWE debut in 2018, serving as an analyst for NXT’s takeover events. In 2020 he began a feud with Adam Cole, thereby making his in-ring debut against Cole, which he lost. The rivalry with Cole awarded McAfee “Rookie of the year” award from Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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Pat McAfee’s Performance at WrestleMania was loved by NFL fans

Pat McAfee and Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 38

WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon is being investigated by the Board of members of WWE for his alleged affair with an ex female wrestler in WWE. It is said that McMahon offered the female wrestler a whopping amount of 3 million to keep the affair private. The WWE Universe has termed this as ”Hush money settlement”.

On the latest edition of his own show “The Pat McAfee show, McAfee revealed that he knows nothing more than anybody else and in fact he is more oblivious than the others regarding the scandal. He said that he is focused on his work as a commentator, says hello to everybody and walks out of the building.

“Yesterday, the WWE, I know less than everybody else,” Pat McAfee said. “This is just me, I don’t know sh*t about f*ck. I go in, do my thing, say hello to everybody, I’m out.

Pat McAfee after winning against Theory at WrestleMania 38

McAfee also said that he is a fan of WWE and is grateful to be a part of it. He says that watching the company’s situation as an outsider is like watching the TV Series succession, where the family members are concerned about the company’s financial situation and attempt to acquire the company from their ailing father.

“I’m in, maybe the most awesome situation in the history of WWE for anybody. I’m a lifelong fan of the company, but I’m not part of anything. I literally bounce around, do my thing, and I’m out. It’s designed to be that way. Outside looking in, it’s like, after watching Succession, anytime a board is trying to do something, it’s hard not to be like, woah. I’m going there tomorrow. I’m excited to hear the chatter. Obviously, what is being alleged is not fantastic at all, it’s terrible.”

Pat McAfee was a part of WrestleMania 38, where he fought against Theory and won the bout. Mcafee delivering a superplex to Theory was the highlight of the match. Following his victory over Theory, McAfee challenged Vince McMahon, who accompanied Theory for a bout. Before the match began Theory interfered and attacked Mcafee, thereby giving an advantage to Vince who won the match thereafter. Both Vince and Theory were stunned by Stone cold steve austin after the latter entered the ring following vince’s victory.  Mcafee then celebrated with Steve Austin, only to be stunned by him later. NFL fans praised Mcafee’s performance that night with some saying that punters can indeed wrestle, while some mentioning that he should leave commentating and be a full time wrestler.

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