Randy Orton cunningly denies 41-year-old Superstar the winning pinfall against The Bloodline on SmackDown

Randy Orton shows off his Viper tactics as he tricked LA Knight to snatch a pinfall victory against the Bloodline.

Randy Orton cunningly denies 41-year-old Superstar the winning pinfall against The Bloodline on SmackDown

Randy Orton (via WWE)

This week’s SmackDown was an explosive show. It featured the star-studded main event of Randy Orton and LA Knight taking on Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso in a tag team match. From the start of the show, WWE promoted an angle of friction between Orton and Knight. In the closing sequence of the show, the Viper slyly took the pinfall from the Megastar.

The fast-paced action of the tag team main event on SmackDown delivered some close falls and incredible reversals. LA Knight and The Viper dominated the majority of the match-up. In the closing sequence, The Megastar had Jimmy Uso all set for a Blunt-Force Trauma before Randy cunningly turned Jimmy towards him. It led to Orton getting the upper hand and laying out a vicious RKO to the Bloodline member.


The Apex Predator showed usual behavior as he tricked Knight into snatching a pinfall victory from him. LA looked at Randy with a smile as he felt tricked. However, it didn’t seem like the two had a sense of friction anymore as both of them congratulated each other on the victory. The show ended with Randy and Knight raising their hands on the turnbuckle after the win.

It looks like WWE will be having an angle between the Apex Predator and the Megastar, where both of them will be chasing Roman Reigns’ Undisputed Title. Both of the superstars have a score to settle against the Bloodline. It is going to be interesting to see how things will shape up in the future for the Viper and LA Knight from here on out.

Randy Orton expressed gratitude to Vince McMahon for giving him multiple chances in his career

Randy Orton was signed with WWE at the very young age of 19. He has been competing as a professional wrestler for over two decades and is a veteran in the ring. Recently, in an interview, Orton expressed his gratitude to Vince McMahon for being so kind to him.

Randy Orton
Randy Orton (via X)

In a conversation on the Impaulsive podcast of Logan Paul, Randy stated that he was a complete a**hole when he started wrestling. However, Vince, along with a few others, was there to guide him towards greatness. In essence, he expressed his respect for McMahon for giving him second, third, and fourth chances in his career despite him being a complete a**hole.

Maybe it was a little bit of fear and I took it as respect and either way I was fine with it. Luckily I was given a second, third, fourth chance from Vince McMahon coming up when I would get in trouble or I would have to get sent away for a couple of months or I would have to get fined a second or third time.
Randy Orton on Vince McMahon

Moreover, Orton divulged a lot of things about his career. He expressed himself on working under the leadership of Triple H. Moreover, Randy has worked with Riddle as well in his career, and he expressed his time with the superstar on the podcast. It is going to be interesting to see the direction of the Viper on SmackDown after heating up a feud with the Bloodline.

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