“He was my favorite opponent”: Randy Orton conveys that he misses sharing the ring with John Cena

Randy Orton conveys that he misses sharing the ring with John Cena

Randy Orton conveys that he misses sharing the ring with John Cena
Randy Orton with John Cena

While sharing his reactions to his incredible run of 20 years in the WWE, Randy Orton shared his thoughts of missing John Cena badly in the ring. Now that John Cena is no longer a full time WWE superstar, Randy Orton reminisces about how fascinating was his journey along with John Cena, they both being the top named superstars of WWE.

The Viper Randy Orton has recently accomplished the accolade of performing for 20 years in this industry. Orton is surely one of the top rated and most talked superstars of the company and his name always goes up to the list when it comes for WWE officials to schedule a great rivalry. He has main evented WWE shows for nearly about two decades constantly and has reached the heights which other superstars can barely think of.

Randy Orton looked back on his intense match against John Cena at TLC 2013 to become the unified WWE and World Heavyweight Championship. In the end of that epic match, Orton was lucky enough to get through the match and grab both the titles. While recalling the brutality of that match, Randy Orton stated:

I love John, he was my favorite opponent. Coming up, through my career, I learned a lot from him. I just remember it being like, every other match I had with John. Especially, big match John… whether it was Manias, SummerSlams, Royal Rumbles, you name it. He always had the crowd in the palm of him hand. It was a little because they loved him so much, or they hated him so much. He understood how to get those emotions from them. It wasn’t just some coincidence. Dude’s a genius. I miss you, John. I miss you,” remarked Randy.

Randy Orton sends his heartfelt gratitude in reply to The Game’s tweet

Randy Orton conveys that he misses sharing the ring with John Cena
Triple H with Randy Orton

Triple H recently made it to the twitter and congratulated Randy Orton for his 20 year long run in this industry. These two superstars share a long history and the relationship between them is also very strong. “Only a few actually make it to the very, very top of @WWE, almost no one can do it for 20 years. I’ve had the honor of watching @RandyOrton do just that; and become the star, the performer, the leader, the man and the father I always knew he would. Congrats on 20 years, Randy!” Triple H wrote on twitter.

“I know it took some patience with me in the beginning but thank you for not giving up on me. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. Everyone that crosses paths with you in this business is better for it, whether it’s inside the ring or out. Thank YOU,” Orton wrote back by replying with an ever satisfying kindness, and thanked him for being his mentor.

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