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“I wouldn’t mind stepping in the ring with her”-Rhea Ripley is wide open for a match against Beth Phoenix

Rhea Ripley has insisted Beth Phoenix to stand with the Judgement Day.

Rhea Ripley Vs. Beth Phoenix would be absolutely epic.

Rhea Ripley has been a centre of utmost attraction ever since she revealed herself as the newest ally to the Judgement Day. Some fans are even calling it as to be one of the best booking decisions the company has made in a while. It still remains to be seen how well they can present her in that group alongside Edge and Damian Priest.

The whole wrestling world reacted towards this unholy union including Edge’s own wife, The Glamazon Beth Phoenix who seemed not too thrilled on this. He posted a 2 word reaction on Twitter saying “Not her” with a tensed emoji afterwards.

Recently, Ripley herself revealed her reactions towards Beth’s tweet saying she’s had to put her emotions aside and to be on our side (Judgement Day’s) pretty much or she’s gonna have to fight me. During an interview with 99.5 WKDQ Rhea Ripley said the following,

“I have not spoken to Beth Phoenix, but I have already seen quite a few of her posts on Twitter and I am not sure whether she is very happy about me joining The Judgment Day. So Beth is gonna have to put her emotions aside and be on our side pretty much, or she’s gonna have to fight me. Beth Phoenix is my dream opponent and if she disagrees with what we’re saying, I wouldn’t mind stepping in the ring with her and settling it once and for all.”

It is looking like Ripley has indirectly issued an informal warning to the Glamazon for a match.

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How about having Rhea Ripley Vs. Beth Phoenix one day?

Rhea Ripley is the newest addition to the Judgement Day.

As being revealed multiple times In her past, Rhea Ripley heavily considers Beth as her dream opponent in WWE. Both women also resembles some similarities amongst them as they’re both known for their unmatched strength to tackle their opponents.

During Phoenix’s active days as an in-ring competitor she was greatly considered to be one of the toughest female wrestlers of all-time. She is also the youngest WWE Hall of Famer in company’s history being inducted into that elite class of superstars in 2017.

Rhea Ripley Vs. Beth Phoenix will surely be a revolutionary matchup in women’s wrestling history if it ever happens in the future.

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