“Smartest thing you’ve ever said,” Rhea Ripley strongly agrees with 39-year-old Superstar’s insulting remarks about WWE Hall of Famer

Santos Escobar received the support of Rhea Ripley in his ongoing feud with Rey Mysterio.

“Smartest thing you’ve ever said,” Rhea Ripley strongly agrees with 39-year-old Superstar’s insulting remarks about WWE Hall of Famer

Rhea Ripley (via Instagram)

This week’s SmackDown saw Santos Escobar explode after he viciously attacked Rey Mysterio last week. He laid out his frustration, which he had been bottling up for weeks. The 39-year-old made an insulting remark about Rey Mysterio, which got Rhea Ripley‘s attention. As a result, The Eradicator took to X to reply to him.

Santos Escobar posted a picture of himself from this week’s SmackDown. In the caption, he wrote that Dom was right. It was in reference to Escobar’s promo on SmackDown, where he said that Dominik Mysterio was absolutely right about everything he said about his legendary father. Hence, Rhea Ripley retweeted Santos Escobar’s post and agreed to it.

Smartest thing you’ve ever said.
Rhea Ripley to Santos Escobar

Rhea Ripley has regularly trolled Rey Mysterio ever since their last encounter. With Santos Escobar mentioning positive things about Dominik Mysterio, Mami could stop appreciating. The Eradicator was a part of the historic rivalry between Dominik Mysterio and Rey Mysterio. Santos Escobar turning on the Master of 619 must be an ecstatic opportunity for Rhea and Dominik.

Moreover, Dominik said some personal things about his father while they were involved in their heated feud. Escobar has seemingly shown his agreement with all those claims made by Dom. It is going to be interesting to see The Eradicator’s response to this feud in the future. As of now, Rey Mysterio is out of action due to his recent surgery.

Rhea Ripley chants break out at AEW Full Gear 2023

AEW held one of its biggest events of the year, Full Gear, this week. The show featured some of the biggest stars of All Elite Wrestling. However, an unexpected thing happened during the show when chants of WWE superstar Rhea Ripley broke out during the match with Buddy Matthews. It became the highlight of the night.

Rhea Ripley
Rhea Ripley (via X)

During the match of Rhea Ripley’s fiance, Buddy Matthews, the crowd started chanting, “We Want Mami!” The crowd immediately went berserk after two three rounds of chanting. Buddy faced Claudio Castagnoli in a fast paced action. However, the highlight of the match was Mami chants from the crowd.

Rhea Ripley is one of the biggest stars on the planet. Her energy is different, which is the reason for her massive fan following. The crowd hijacked the AEW event with her chants, showing her clout. Rhea Ripley and Buddy Matthews announced their engagement earlier this year. The Eradicator has yet to react to the news.

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