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“Moxley really screwed that up” – When Roman Reigns expressed disappointment about The Shield breakup

In an old interview, The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns stated that Moxley "screwed up" the plans for The Shield reunion

Roman as the WWE undisputed universal champion

Recently, an old interview surfaced on the internet where Roman Reigns stated Dean Ambrose, a.k.a. Jon Moxley, “screwed” The Shield. As a member of the alliance with Ambrose and Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns didn’t take much time to climb to fame within the organization. Once the group broke, each of its members went on to become world title winners themselves.

In 2018, the group was in for a reunion. However, that didn’t happen, given that Ambrose left WWE to join its rival organization, AEW.

Referring to this incident, Reigns said, “Well I guess Ambrose or Moxley really screwed that up, didn’t he? He messed around and just left us. I don’t think The Shield will ever be recreated or brought back. That’s not just a situation because Mox went to AEW. It’s just, we were so good. Honestly, I think we did the reunion thing a little too much the last… three years ago or whatever it was.

Reigns is now the dominant figure in WWE and is wearing the Universal Championship belt around his waist.

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How did Roman Reigns become the force that he is today?

Roman Reigns posing with his Championships

It was back in August 2020, when Roman Reigns’ tenure as The Universal Champion officially began at WWE Payback. He spent the next months of that year trying to establish himself as a heel champion. Reigns didn’t fully unleash his real self until 2021 when he assumed the identity of The Tribal Chief.

In the first half of 2021, Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, and Edge.

Additionally, The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion participated for nearly five months in an exciting competition with The Edge.

After losing to Roman Reigns, The Rated R superstar also became the first WWE biggie to succumb to The Tribal Chief. After Edge paved the path, The Tribal Chief was offered the option to showcase his skills against The Cenation Leader.

Roman Reigns’ dominance in WWE increased significantly after he soundly defeated John Cena at SummerSlam 2021. He will next face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam this year.

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