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“Joe was pretty good at what he did”- When Roman Reigns was praised by Calvin Johnson Jr. for his Football career

Back in February, When Roman Reigns was praised by wide receiver Calvin Johnson junior for his Football career

Roman Reigns as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion

Roman Reigns is one of the most vital and prolific figures of WWE. Reigns has been hailed for his magnetic personality and his in-ring abilities by wrestling pundits all over the world. Roman reigns has headlined many live events in WWE, six of them being at the “Grandest of them all” the “WrestleMania”. Roman has been a six time WWE World champion, with his reign as the universal Champion being the longest ever in the history of WWE.

Roman Reigns has been an inspiration to many due to his fight with leukemia. Reigns has been the victim of leukemia two times in his life and has said that beating the cancer second time was way more easy than the first, He beat it second time when he was a part of WWE. Reigns is lauded for his optimism, determination and courage to defeat the disease.

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Roman Reigns is expected to return at SummerSlam

Roman Reigns during his georgia tech days and Calvin Johnson jr. during his football career

Roman Reigns graduated from Georgia Tech with a Major in business Management. During his time at the Georgia tech around 2007, Roman was a part of Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team and played as a defensive tackle. Interestingly Former American Football wide receiver Calvin Johnson Jr. was also a part of the same Georgia Tech team. Calvin is widely considered to be one of the finest wide receivers of all time.

Back in February 2022, Calvin Johnson Jr. had appeared on the Rich Eisen show to speak on different topics, one of which was about his Georgia tech team mate Roman reigns. Johnson had stated that no one expected that roman reigns would be a wrestler in WWE. He had also shared that he was in touch with reigns just about a year ago.

Roman Reigns

“Yeah yeah. We knew he had a little bit of background from his family, you know, The Rock and all that family background. But I didn’t know anybody, I don’t think anybody knew that going from playing football to will go to wrestling, and he will be the star he is. Although this hair is really a star.”

Expressing his happiness for “The Tribal chief” he had said that he is happy for reigns and acknowledged his football career.

“I’m going to contact them when they come to Atlanta or Michigan. I actually connected with him a year or two ago, right before COVID, it’s been a while now. But no, let him do that guy. It’s terrifying to watch, just to see that thing take over. I mean, though that was Joe. Joe was pretty good at what he did while playing on the football field, so I don’t expect anything less was.”

Since his win at RAW, the following night after WrestleMania against lesnar, Roman Reigns wrestled against Drew McIntyre in May at a live event, which he won. Thereafter Roman hasn’t been seen in WWE as of yet, it’s been speculated that “The Tribal Chief” would return at SummerSlam and face a WWE legend.

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