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“They don’t need to be wrestling a lot”- Wrestling personalities weighs in on Roman Reigns’ recent WWE schedule to that of legendary Hulk Hogan

Road Dogg and Vince Russo recently opined on Roman Reigns' current WWE schedule as somewhat similar to that of Hulkster's back in the day

Roman Reigns and Hulk Hogan

Roman Reigns is holding that Undisputed Universal Championship up and above his shoulders to add on his already dignified glory. The Tribal Chief has been rampant ever since his return to WWE at Summerslam two years ago. He can get to a huge milestone of holding the World Championship for 2 years if he somehow manages to beat Brock Lesnar come this year’s Summerslam.


Wrestling veterans Road Dogg and Vince Russo recently opined on Roman Reigns’ reduced schedule on which he’s a riding upon since unifying the titles at Wrestlemania this year. They agreed on the fact that established superstars don’t need to show up on tapings every now and them and have an actual wrestling match every single week. They even compared Reigns’ case similar to that of the legendary Hulk Hogan who was also the greatest superstar of his era just like The Tribal Chief is defining this modern era of wrestling.

“Once Roman or Hogan gets so over, he cannot be there every night, but he’s gotta get to that level first,” James said. “In that level, they’re pushing him out in front of the people, whether it’s a music video, whether it’s him playing the bass, or whatever, Hogan is there.”


Roady and Russo further penned in ways so as to keep the top guy on the television screens without actually having their presence in-person every week.

“They don’t need to be wrestling a lot,” Russo said. “They need a presence, though, on the show. Brian knows there are so many ways to get them on the show without them wrestling. They’re the star of the show.”

Roman Reigns and Hulk Hogan are just two names of greatness from the different eras of professional wrestling. While Hogan was carrying the company through the 90s which was termed as the golden phase for WWF, the same way Reigns is destined for greatness in the years to come and his will be remembered for the generations to come.

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Roman Reigns will defend his Championship at Summerslam

Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania

The battle of the two current biggest mainstream draws in all of sports entertainment is set for Summerslam wherein Roman Reigns is set to defend his Undisputed Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing match and more importantly WWE is dubbing this as their last encounter ever.

Roman showed up this past week on Smackdown where his special counsel Paul Heyman tried to ignite the fire inside him which he needs to channel in at the right moment against Lesnar to put him down for that 10 count.

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