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“Some wrestling fans like to be negative” When Roman Reigns discussed how he handles all the jeers he received during his forced babyface run

WWE Grand Slam Champion and Current World titles holder Roman Reigns talked about how he used to deal with the negative reactions he got in 2015.

Roman won both the world title on this Wrestlemania after defeating Brock Lesnar

Roman Reigns is the megastar of this generation of WWE. He is currently in his dominant heel run where he is crushing every single superstar who is coming in his way. He had won both the world title and won three to four-time against his arch-rival Brock Lesnar in this dominant run. Roman has been champion for over 700 days now and this run of his is going to be one of the best world title runs of all time. Roman was not this good from the star and was used to getting boos from the crowd every time.


Roman made his debut in 2012 as a member of the iconic group called The Shield. He was with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at this time and was the muscle man of the group later the group broke up in 2014 and after that Roman got pushed way too fast for anyone and as a result, every person start not liking him which made WWE make him turn heel but WWE did this way in the future.

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The boos Roman Reigns receives don’t bother him

Roman is running the WWE men’s division currently

Roman Reigns is currently in a feud with Drew McIntyre and is going to be in a feud with recently returned Karrion Kross. He is also rumored to hold the championships till the next Wrestlemania but a sudden change in WWE Creative team can lead to Roman losing the title. Roman is a massive star now and gets a lot of cheer as a heel.

Roman is a grand slam champion and has won every single title but when in an old interview before Roman Reigns’ Tribal Chief Run he was asked what he thinks about the fans who boo him and how he deals with this as he is doing a lot of hard work in the ring and it’s not like he is not good but why only he gets more boo.  

Roman was super cool with this and he answered it like a WWE pro he said, “Hate. That’s a, it’s such like a fickle word. I don’t think they hate. I think some wrestling fans like to be negative and they like to exercise those inner demons of and they need a strong person to use them, yeah they can use it like a dude like me I mean I have broad shoulders”

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