“Hogan is not a great human being” – When Seth Rollins accused Hulk to be a demeaning personality

In an interview published in 2021, Seth Rollins slammed WWE legend Hulk Hogan by saying he is not a good human being.

Seth Rollins and Hulk Hogan
Seth Rollins and Hulk Hogan

WWE and controversies seem to be synonyms these days. Even if it seems like everything is normal on-screen, backstage things might be often different than what the WWE Universe expects. Every now and then a superstar remarks something controversial about their colleagues. This time it’s Seth Rollins who took matters into his own hands when he commented that WWE legend Hulk Hogan is not a good human being.

Back In April 2021, Seth Rollins had appeared for an interview, where he was upfront about Hulk Hogan. It came as a shock to a lot of people when he stated that Hogan isn’t the nicest human being out there. However, it was also surprising that he put Hulk ahead of his all-time favorite personality, Shawn Michaels.

This is what Seth had to say about Hogan, “Look, Hulk’s always been really nice to me, but that doesn’t make him a great human being. Shawn’s my favorite. Shawn’s my favorite wrestler of all time, but we’re talking about contributions to WWE and what they’ve meant to the business. If it were up to me, in that situation, I would scratch Hogan off that sucker probably. But again, if we’re just talking not the kind of human being you are but we’re talking about your contributions as a wrestler to the company, okay, Hogan was responsible for everything that happened after the late ’80s.”

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Why did Seth Rollins say negative about Hulk Hogan?

Seth Rollins Talking
Seth Rollins Talking on WWE RAW

It was none other than Hulk Hogan who played a key role in helping WWE become a household name. He is one of the greatest fighters to have ever blessed the WWE ring.  He led the organization’s rapid advancement during his time as a premier wrestler.

It was during Hulk’s time when WWE was undergoing the Golden Age. Hulk Hogan’s popularity, often termed as “Hulkamania” was a matter of envy for his opponents. And Seth Rollins accepts his contributions to the sport. However, he made his point clear that Hulk was involved in a lot of controversies during hios career, which is indeed a truth.

More than good reasons, Hogan had made headlines for bad reasons. The 68-year-old wrestling legend was involved in a 2015 sex tape. He was also in the focus of controversy because of his racist remarks. He never shied away from showing a negative attitude toward his colleagues. That might be the reason why Seth thinks Hulk Hogan is not a “good” human being.

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