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Seth Rollins reveals he don’t like his name and wants to change his name in WWE

Former WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins does not want Freakin to be included in his name and wants it to get removed.

Seth Rollins at WrestleMania

A megastar of the PG era, Seth Rollins has won numerous championships and even put on memorable battles and feuds throughout his tenure. Seth is a master at what he does, and his job as a heel is excellent since everyone becomes annoyed by his evil chuckle, which is a good sign for any heel.


It’s been more than 800 days since Seth last claimed a championship, and he has no plans to do so anytime soon, which is not good for a former world champion. Seth is now engaged in a really intense and fascinating feud with the original bro Matt Riddle.

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Seth Rollins does not like Freakin in his name

Seth Rollins as the Visionary

Seth Rollins, This is a perfect moniker for the Visionary, but Vince McMahon had other ideas. Seth Rollins’ name was going to be fully changed by Vince to Seth Freakin Rollins, and he would use this moniker in all commentary and backstage segments.

Seth adores this name, but he despises the notion since he believes that by repeatedly using it, others will grow to dislike it. In a recent interview, Seth Rollins disclosed that he immediately went to Vince McMahon and requested that he not alter his name for each segment.

He claimed that this would diminish the name’s overall legitimacy and decrease public favour. After some consideration, Vince agreed with him and stated that he will only be referred to as Seth Rollins on the commentary and Seth Freakin Rollins during backstage portions.

Although Rollins still doesn’t like the concept, he thanked Vince and exited the room. He still wants the word “Freakin” to be a temporary addition to his name rather than a permanent part of it because it gave his name a cool look. However, if people started referring to him as Seth Freakin Rollins all the time, that would change the coolness of the name in WWE.

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