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“F*ck that” – When WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin turned down the gimmick of a stalker

Steve Austin has been a very popular figure in the wwe era. DDP speaks of the time when Steve declined the storyline of the Undertaker's wife's stalker.

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

Steve Austin or more popularly known as ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is a big name in the WWE industry. The WWE Hall of Famer took his retirement before returning back to the show. He appeared in the ring at WrestleMania 38 after being away for such a long time. 


Steve Austin did not become famous overnight. It took years of hard work and sweat to achieve the place he is at today. His first gimmick also did not go well with the audience and he had to turn away from it. WWE also provides to its people amazing storylines and this happened with Steve Austin as well. He did not accept the same when he was asked to be a stalker for the Undertaker‘s wife.  

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DDP adopted the gimmick that was proposed for Steve Austin

DDP adopted the stalker gimmick

Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) was also having his peak days along with Steve Austin and The Undertaker. He became the talk of WWE after his gimmick of a stalker. As per the need of his gimmick, he always went for the Undertaker’s wife. In an interview, DDP revealed that the gimmick was initially proposed for Steve Austin but he turned down the offer.

They wanted Austin to do it. And Austin is like, ‘F*ck that!’ And he told me about that later and I was like. ‘You couldn’t have called me up and said that to me?” DDP said. DDP did not realise what the gimmick could do to his career. The gimmick will always be a dark spot in the history of DDP wrestling. 

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin had realised at that point only, the consequences of playing such a character. The basic motive of the gimmick was to increase the popularity of the superstar. But the idea did not work as per the plan. Adding to the side effects of the gimmick, it welcomed rivalry with the great ‘The Undertaker’ during his tenure in WWE

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