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“It is an honor”; The Miz reacts to AJ styles calling him the greatest heel

The Miz

Michael Gregory Mizanin or ‘The Miz’ has accomplished everything that an upcoming superstar would want in his/her career. The Miz started out as reality TV star and went onto transform his prominence as a small Tv celebrity to a major WWE Star to a Hollywood star. He even stars in a reality show called “The Miz and Mrs” available on Fox based on him and his family’s life.

Aj Styles who appeared on Out of Character Podcast on fox was all praises for The Miz even comparing himself with “The A-lister” saying that there is “nobody better” than The A-lister. Aj styles also thinks that there is no-one who “understands” how a heel is supposed to be like except The Miz.

Reacting to the comments made by AJ styles, on ‘Out of Character Podcast‘, The A-lister was all praises for Aj styles:

"It is an honor"; The Miz reacts to AJ styles calling him the greatest heel 3

“It is an honor. Honestly, like ever since the first time. AJ stepped foot into WWE, I was like his first competitor, like the first person to go up against them. And as soon as you can feel it, you just know a person in WWE, you know everyone could be like, yeah it is AJ styles. that doesn’t always happen when people come from outside of WWE to WWE. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and a special person and special superstar, and as soon as I got in the ring with AJ I was like, oh, he’s gonna be something in WWE”.

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What is next for The Miz in WWE?

The Miz is seemingly involved in the feud of Mustafa Ali who is hellbent on acquiring the US Title from Theory. The A-lister on the recent episode of RAW cost Ali a match against the debuting Ciampa by counting probably one of the fastest three pins in WWE’s history. Ali almost had the match won several times before that.

"It is an honor"; The Miz reacts to AJ styles calling him the greatest heel 4

Whenever The Miz is done with this side-feud and if Mustafa Ali wins the title, he should be the next contender for the US title as a heel. If Mustafa Ali fails, then WWE should turn The Miz face, as he has been a heel for quite a long time now, and challenge Theory for the title also establishing Theory as a star in the upcoming future.

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