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WATCH: The Rock makes a surprise appearance on The Roast of Ric Flair to give an emotional tribute for The Nature Boy before his last ever match

The Rock expresses a heart warming message for the Hall of Famer Ric Flair on 'The Roast of Ric Flair'.

The Rock and Ric Flair

The Rock has won the hearts of all the WWE fans across the globe. With his warm nature and performing capabilities, he has attracted a major part of Hollywood to the WWE Universe as well. He has never failed to disappoint his fans both in and outside the ring. 

Ric Flair has officially called himself off the ring. He will appear at the ring for the last time ever on the 31st of July 2022 along with his son in law Andrade El Idolo who will team up against Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett for a tag team match. Ric Flair has served the WWE community for over 50 years. He has earned massive respect from the audience as well as the superstars.

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The Rock leaves a special message for Ric Flair

The Rock expresses his feelings for Ric Flair

In the last episode of WWE, a special video named ‘The Roast of Ric Flair’ was telecasted. The video included all the major present as well as retired celebrities expressing their thoughts and incidents about Ric Flair. The celebrities included The Rock and Dolph Ziggler.

The Rock left an emotional note for the audience regarding Ric Flair. He recalled the time when he had just met Ric. The Rock also remembered all the meetings he had with Ric Flair and cherished those memories. “You made me feel like a million bucks when I was just a little punk kid“, said The Rock. 

Ric made Rock feel special even when he was 8 and treated him nicely. He also recalled meeting Ric at the age of 12 where he was trying to introduce himself to the Hall of Famer but he was intelligent enough to remember that he was Dwayne. He also added that he will never be able to forget this moment and the hug that was followed. 

The Rock had the privilege of sharing the same stage as Ric Flair and making innumerably more memories. “Years later, my dad passed away. You were one of the first ones to say ‘I will see you down in Florida for his funeral’“. He remembers all the moments he shared with Flair very clearly. The Rock also glorifies Ric Flair’s achievements and respects them. He also had a fan moment while saying, “That drip, that Ric Flair ‘woooo’, that drip aside, besides all that, that you brought to the game“. 

The Rock couldn’t thank Ric Flair enough for being such a wonderful human especially for him and his family. A lot of eyes are waiting for Ric to enter the ring for one last time. The match is indeed going to be worth it. The video with the Rock speaking his heart out can be watched here

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