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“Who is writing this s**t for you” The Rock reacts to a new advertisement featuring Roman Reigns

WWE Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns gets trolled by his Samoan cousin The Rock for his new energy drink advertisement

The Rock trolls Roman Reigns

The Rock trolled Roman Reigns who has been on the top of WWE since Payback 2020 after he defeated The Fiend and Braun Strowman in a triple threat match for the WWE Universal Championship. Roman has never been pinned or submitted since then and has been carrying WWE since then on his shoulders and dominating each and everyone in the WWE roaster.


Recently, the Tribal chief has done an advertisement for C4 energy drinks in which he tells that being a champion is super tough and he has to train in unbearable conditions which are extreme but during talking about this thing he is walking on a treadmill at a very slow speed.

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The Rock reacts to C4 energy ad

The Rock and Roman Reigns

The Rock and Roman have the same family background and are cousins in real life while both the superstars are from Samoan backgrounds and both of them are from the Anoi family. Recently, The Rock is busy promoting his new animated movie DC super league pets.

While Roman Reigns is busy preparing for the big match, he has with Brock Lesner this Saturday in the WWE premium event Summer Slam for the undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Universal Championship which is going to be the Last man Standing match.

The Rock when saw the ad for the C4 energy drink trolled roman for the slow speed of the treadmill and asked him who is making these ads for him he would like to talk to him and teach him how to make an ad. He made this comment as a joke and even the writer and Roman took it very supportingly.The Rock said, “Uso yeah walking 2mph on a treadmill that’s inexplicably on a boat dock are extreme conditions. Who’s writing this s**t for you 😂 I’m calling you tonight!!! Wtf”

Even though both the wrestler has a possible match in the future which will be going to be the last match of The Rock in the WWE it seems that both the cousins share a very deep bond even after being cousins being from a very big family which have a huge culture. I guess this was the reason when the Rock was asked when he will return to the company he made the condition that if he will come back to the company he wants a match against his cousin Roman Reigns.

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