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“I Will take my title by kicking their a**” When The Rock DENIGRATED every single A-list performer in the business in his legendary promo

Former ten-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Rock's legendary promo against the top superstars of the WWE.

The Rock in 2000

The Rock has one of the best legendary careers of all time. He once ran WWE on his own with his character work and wrestling skills. He is a World Champion in WWE and has achieved this thing 10 times in his whole career. He won the Royal Rumble in 2000 and even the Intercontinental Championship once at the start of his career.


The Rock was a huge babyface and was getting a wholesome reaction on his promos. He was one of the best in the company on the mic and he was so good that every word he says became the biggest thing till now. He delivered one of his legendary promos when he was about to have his first match in Hell in a Cell. The Match was for the WWE Championship.

The match was a six-pack match in which there was only stardom and stardom. The match consisted of Stone-Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Rikishi, The Rock, Kurt Angle, and the Champion Triple H. The Rock made fun of every single person saying different things about every wrestler.


He stated that this is the most dangerous match of his whole career and it is the most brutal match he has ever been in. he also stated that he would enter the match only to get back his WWE title. He said that even if he had to beat any 5 of them, he will and he will bring back the WWE title home by taking the title back from Triple H.

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The Rock at Wrestlemania 39?

The Rock during his infamous promo

The Rock currently has not made a single appearance since 2019 as his last appearance was when Smackdown debuted on the FOX network. Rumors are that he is going to take some time off from his busiest schedule in Hollywood and come back to his home WWE. He wants to have a match with his cousin Roman Reigns.

Roman is on his dominant run and The Rock wants to have the last match of his career with his cousin mostly to lose and pass the torch to Roman so that he will get retire from now and will not make a comeback. But the problem is he does not have any time and is mostly very busy. Let’s see what WWE and The Rock have in the future for us to see.

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