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“This man put us on the map”- The Singh Brothers cherishes their memories of working with the 14-time World Champion

The Singh Brothers are very grateful for working with the WWE legend

The Singh Brothers are grateful of working with the WWE legend

Around the time when Jinder Mahal became the WWE champion, their were two of his important allies looking his back all of the time and that were The Singh Brothers (Samir and Sunil). The Indian trio of Mahal, Samir and Sunil were rampant for a major part of 2017 until the time Mahal remained the WWE Champion and The Singh Brothers were a major cause of his success in WWE.

One of Jinder Mahal’s biggest matches of his entire career came at Money in the Bank 2017 when he defended his WWE Championship against ‘The Apex Predator’ Randy Orton in front of his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. The match was going at a smooth pace with both superstars getting a chance during many phases of the match to showcase their various movesets on each other.

At one point, when Orton struck Mahal with a RKO outta nowhere, The Singh Brothers somehow managed to save their Mordern Day Maharaja by putting his right foot on the ropes which stopped the three count but the referee Mike Chioda did caught the Singh Brothers in the process to which he barred them from standing at ringside as he instructed them to go backstage. However they decided to put their hands on Orton’s Hall of Fame father Cowboy Bob Orton who was sitting front row rooting for his son Randy Orton during his match.

This caught the Viper’s attention as he went furious seeing his father being mishandled by Samir and Sunil. He then took out both of them via vicious RKO’s on the announcer’s table. But as Randy tried to get into the ring, Mahal who got a real healthy time for his recovery during all of the ringside havoc got all the benefit as he performed his finishing maneuver ‘The Khallas’ over Orton to retain his WWE Championship.

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The Singh Brothers have recently reacted to being a part of his match

The Singh Brothers sacrificed themselves for Mahal against Randy Orton at MITB 2017

Today marks exactly 5 years to the date this match took place at Money in the Bank in 2017 at the Enterprise Centre in St. Louis. WrestlingInc.com has shared a Twitter post dating back to this day down the memory lane remember the vicious RKO’s Randy Orton dished out to The Singh Brothers to which they reacted by heaping praise over The Apex Predator by saying “This man put us on the map” Loved every second of working and learning from Randy Orton, the post continued.

A few months back Randy Orton had also praised the work of The Singh Brothers in WWE saying that they had earned his respect miles ago.

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