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“She probably has some…” When Triple H passed DEROGATORY remarks after Paige’s s*x tape scandal

Paige has had a very short but impressive WWE career. However her journey to the top wasn't easy. She went through a lot in order to be successful.

Paige and Triple H

In one of the interviews, Paige revealed that when she was 19, her n*de pictures leaked online. As a 19 year old, she was terribly scared and ran from her house. She even wanted to quit her life and didn’t have the courage to face her father.


Triple H is often the talk of the town for his insensible remarks. ‘The Game’ is very open when it comes to public statements and is often stuck in the middle of controversies owing to these statements. Once again he received a backlash for his statement about the youngest Divas Champion, Paige (now Saraya).

“I couldn’t believe it was real at first. I was f*cking 19 years old, and I was completely f*cking mortified. I ran out of the house. I ran. I just kept f*cking running,” said Saraya recalling ‘the most awful moment’ of her life. The incident also led the people to pass horrible comments on her. 


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Triple H gained hate after passing derogatory remarks on Paige

Triple H and Paige

Paige and the Edge were out of action when Triple H was speaking of their return in a press conference. “I would like to see them live long, healthy lives. Edge has kids. Paige-maybe-she probably has some she doesn’t know of,” said Triple H. 

The statement wasn’t very well received by the WWE Universe and gained a lot of hate. She also said that she didn’t find the joke funny as the members of the conference did. She also revealed that she had been called a “sl*t” multiple times and Triple H didn’t matter much to her. 

The Women’s division did not fail to back up Paige. Renne Paquette wrote: “Big love to Paige. She’s been to hell and back but still some people wanna make jokes. We need (and she deserves) real change“. The Bella Twins also stood up for Paige and took direct shots on Triple H. 

Paige nevertheless had a short but impressive career in WWE. She became the youngest Divas Champion and the only woman to hold the NXT Women’s Championship as well as the WWE Divas Championship simultaneously. But she has to retire from the company in 2018 at the young age of 25 owing to a neck injury. 

She recently signed with AEW officially at the Grand Slam. The WWE Universe can’t keep calm since she made her debut. Her fans have waited for a long time to see her back in the ring and the time is finally here.   

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