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“Whatever bulls**t he was going to say”- WWE legend calls Vince McMahon’s segment insensitive and shameful

A WWE Legend calls Chairman and CEO of WWE Vince's McMahon's SmackDown segment as insensitive

Vince McMahon makes appearance on friday night smackdown amidst sexual misconduvct allegations

Vince McMahon has been the prime instigator behind WWE’s success and making it a world renowned promotion in the world. Vince McMahon Superseded his father and became a prominent force in making WWE a million dollar company. Vince McMahon is responsible for making wrestling mainstream and each and every other promotion we see today has been influenced by his ideas and strategies. Vince has built an empire from scratch and is regarded as the architect of the professional wrestling world. 

Vince McMahon is known for his ruthless businessman persona and cold blooded nature on and off screen, McMahon also made himself involved in WWE storylines throughout his career and is regarded as one of the greatest heel in WWE history. In addition to being a successful businessman, McMahon is well known for his involvement in controversy. Vince McMahon is a known womanizer and has been accused of sexual assault in the past. In 1990, a female referee accused him of sexual assault, and in 2006, a bartender accused him of sexual harassment.

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Vince McMahon has stepped down as Chairman and CEO of the company

Vince McMahon talking on this week’s friday night smackdown

Earlier this month Vince McMahon has been accused of sexual misconduct allegations, the incident came into light when the WWE Board of members started investigating 3 million hush money settlement. It is said that mcmahon paid 3 million to a female wwe personnel in order to keep their affair confidential.

In the midst of these allegations McMahon stepped down as the CEO of the company. In Between this  ongoing investigation,Vince McMahon made an appearance on Friday night SmackDown. Vince addressed the crowd and made them recall the words “Then. Now. Forever… TOGETHER”. He then concluded by saying “Welcome to SmackDown”.

The Backstage reaction of people to his segment were reported as people being enraged, Underwhelming and bewildering.

A former WWE Superstar and legend was reported saying,

“I’m happy it didn’t last long, so I didn’t have to sit through whatever bulls*it he was going to say. But it shows that he has no accountability, especially when something is directly his fault.”

The appearance has disappointed many and some like maria kanellis calling it “abuse of power” and disrespectful. Stephanie McMahon has been appointed as interim Chairman and CEO of WWE.

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