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“Everybody knows that”-When Brock Lesnar had slammed Dana White for calling WWE as fake

When Former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar lambasted Dana White for labeling WWE as a fake.

Brock Lesnar and Dana White

Brock Lesnar has been regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. Lesnar has been one of the biggest attractions for the business since his WWE debut. Brock Lesnar has reinvented himself through the years, most recently by displaying the funny Brock Persona. Brock Lesnar has a great sense of marketability and this proves when he enters the arena, wrestles and talks on the mic. People pay attention to his performances and love his skills in the ring.

Brock Lesnar recently made an appearance on the June 24th edition of  SmackDown Brand, He returned to WWE after two months and was last seen on an edition of RAW, the night following WrestleMania. He was defeated By Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Championship on that night and was also defeated for the same by Reigns at WrestleMania 38. Brock confronted Reigns on the June 24th edition of  SmackDown Brand and delivered an F-5 to him and his cousins. It was announced the next day by WWE that Brock would face Roman at SummerSlam for the Undisputed WWE Championship.

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Brock Lesnar has been a part of the UFC since 2008 

Brock Lesnar with Dana White at an event

Brock Lesnar is not only known for his illustrious WWE career , but also known for his stint in UFC. Brock joined the UFC in 2008 and soon became the UFC Heavyweight Champion. In 2010, he fought the then-interim UFC Heavyweight Champion Shane Carwin to unify the heavyweight titles, becoming the sole undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion in UFC history. Lesnar retired from MMA in  2011 but returned again in 2016,only to retire for the second time in 2017.

Back in 2015, Dana White had tweeted that all of the WWE guys he’s met are great people, but that wrestling is fake. The same year, while speaking to ESPN Sportscenter, Brock Lesnar had shared his thoughts on Dana’s remarks about WWE. He stated that while everyone is aware that WWE is a fake, it is similar to UFC in terms that Dana is marketing the same thing that we are.

“Of course, Dana, it’s fake. Everybody knows that but it’s still the same – you’re promoting the same thing we’re promoting,” Brock Lesnar had said in the year 2015.”

Brock went on to say that because of the conditions, WWE wrestlers get a little more longevity out of their fights, and that Dana, like WWE, promotes live events and attempts to sell money fights, implying that he operates the same racket as WWE.

Brock Lesnar with Vince McMahon in the early 2000s

“Dana White is promoting fights, we’re promoting fights. It just so happens that we get a little more longevity out of our fight and out of our fighters because of the circumstances,” the wrestler continued. “Dana, probably in his defense, is promoting fighting – but it’s the same thing. He’s trying to sell pay-per-views. He’s trying to sell money fights. It’s the same racket.”

Brock concluded by asserting that the economic models of the UFC and WWE are the identical, and that Vince McMahon is far better than Dana. He stated that Vince is the pioneer of such a business and has been doing it his entire life.

“The business model is the same; it’s identical. I think Vince McMahon’s better at it than Dana, and that might rub Dana the wrong way. Vince is the pioneer of it. He’s been doing this his whole life, and he’s dam*ed good at it.”

Brock Lesnar is slated to fight Roman Reigns at SummerSlam for the Undisputed WWE Championship on July 30th at Nissan Stadium, Nashville, Tennessee.

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