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“Just like we are in WWE”- When John Cena revealed that his F9 co-stars were apprehensive regarding him in the beginning

When Former WWE Champion John Cena said that his F9 co-stars initially had reservations about him.

John Cena in WWE

John Cena has been making sporadic appearances since 2017 due to his hectic movie schedule. John Cena is still the face of the WWE, even if he isn’t a regular wrestler in the company. Cena’s WWE career and his hard work towards his craft is what made him a Hollywood star that he is today. It was known during his time in WWE that John Cena would become a movie star one day, as he had the looks and the personality to be suitable in Hollywood. John had Charisma oozing out of him throughout his WWE career, with outstanding mic skills and had a keen sense of marketability.


John Cena has acted in several big-budget films, including F9, Bumblebee, and Suicide Squad, and now starring in a TV series based on his Suicide Squad character The Peacemaker. John Cena has been decent as an actor, with also showcasing his comedic skills in some of the movies like Trainwreck, sisters, Blockers and Playing with the fire. John Cena has said that the movie Trainwreck was a turning point in his acting career.

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John Cena starred in F9 as the brother of Vin Diesel’s Character

John Cena as Jakob Toretto in F9

F9 was the ninth film in the Fast and Furious series and starred John Cena as Jakob Toretto. Jakob is shown as estranged brother of Mia and Dominic and is a thief, master assassin, high-performance driver; and renegade operative for Mr. Nobody. The Movie was released in June 2021 and was met with mixed reviews with many criticizing the unrealistic action sequences, but also receiving praise for Justin Lin’s direction and the stunt team.

John is set to appear in the next part of the movie too, which will be the tenth film of the series and will release in May 2023. Cena will reprise his role as Dominic’s brother.

In a 2021 interview with People’s magazine, John Cena talked about his time filming F9 and the friendship he formed with the group. According to John Cena, the cast was first wary of having him on the set because, as he explained, we are in WWE when a newcomer joins. But after that, when I did something good and had wonderful chats, they were OK with me, according to Cena.

“They were kind of apprehensive to me being there, just like we are in WWE like, ‘Who is the new kid? But then when the new kid does something good or like when you have good open conversations, it’s like, ‘Yeah, you’re alright.'”

“The Cenation leader” celebrated his 20th anniversary in WWE on 27th June.

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