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“She is one of the best”- When Mickie James had praised Charlotte Flair for her Wrestling career

When Former Women's Champion had praised the "Queen" Charlotte Flair for he wrestling career and her in-ring performances.

Charlotte Flair and Mickie James in WWE

Charlotte Flair is regarded as one of the finest female wrestlers the WWE has ever had. Charlotte Flair has been recognized as one of the best technical female wrestlers of this era. Flair has impressed the WWE Universe with her mic skills, in-ring abilities and her character work. She has the ability to headline at the Live events, in fact she became the first woman alongside Sasha Banks to headline a Main event. She is also one of the three women alongside Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey to have headlined at WrestleMania.

Charlotte Flair admitted herself to the WWE performance center in 2012, there she was trained by Sara Del Ray. Flair made her WWE debut on NXT Brand and her first televised match was against Bayley, which she won. She wrestled on NXT until 2014 and during this time she became a 2-time NXT Women’s Champion. Flair has been a babyface as well as a heel in WWE.

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Charlotte Flair is currently advertised for an upcoming SmackDown taping in August

Charlotte Flair after winning Royal Rumble 2020

Charlotte Flair made her main roster debut in 2015 and instantly became the Divas Champion by beating Nikki Bella at the Night of Champions 2015. This was the first main roster title win for Charlotte. Since then, she has won the WWE RAW Women’s Championship 6 times and SmackDown Women’s Championship 6 times.

She has been the fourth Women’s Grand Slam Champion and has also won the 2018 Royal Rumble. Flair has made her resume in such a way that one day she will surely be included in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Back in Feb 2022, Mickie James had some words of appreciation for “The Queen”. Mickie James had taken part in women’s royal rumble match this year and began talking about the match. She had said that she loved the Charlotte and Ronda’s square off at the match and that it was worthwhile for Charlotte as she had participated even when she was a women’s Champion Back then.

“I thought the whole thing with her [Ronda Rousey] and Ashley [Charlotte] at the end was kind of cool. It was obviously a big deal for Charlotte to enter herself as the champion in the Rumble. It was the first time that had ever been done, either.”

Charlotte Flair at Royal Rumble 2022

James referred to charlotte by her real name Ashley and continued saying that, Charlotte is among the finest wrestlers she has ever seen in both the male and female rankings combined. Mickie had said that Charlotte works on a higher level and that she does everything necessary to create the enchantment of wrestling. She concluded by saying that Charlotte is a dependable opponent in the ring who balances everything out and gives a solid performance.

“I watch Ashley out there and I’m going to be honest, she is one of the best wrestlers I have ever seen in my life, male or female. Watching her in the ring and when I went back to watch Rumble, and say what you will but she operates on a different level. Everything matters. Every moment, her facials are always on point, she takes her time, she doesn’t rush, she breathes. All the right things to what makes wrestling magic. You need that constant in the ring with the people that can then go and do all this other crazy shit to balance the whole thing out,”

Charlotte took time off from wrestling to marry AEW Star and her longtime fiancé Andrade. She has been out of action since WrestleMania Backlash. The WWE has advertised Charlotte to be present on 12th August on SmackDown TV taping. It is unclear as of yet whether she would be a part of SummerSlam this year.

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