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“It wasn’t unprofessionalism or ego”- When Shawn Michaels revealed which McMahon family member, he has had the most issues with

When Former WWF Champion Shawn Michaels mentioned the McMahon family member with whom he frequently clashed.

Shawn Michaels in WWE

Shawn Michaels has been one of the most decorated WWE Superstars of all time. Shawn Michaels career has been an inspiration for many young wrestlers today and his bouts and character work are surely a tutorial on how to be a WWE Superstar. Shawn’s accomplishments in the organization are demonstrated by the titles he has attained, including Mr. WrestleMania, The Icon, and Main Eventer. Shawn Michaels will be remembered for his endurance and some incredible WWE feuds.

Shawn Michaels has been a three-time WWF Champion and was the first wrestler to have won the Royal Rumble twice in his career. Shawn was always competing for the WWF Championship during the late 90s and though his second half in the WWE saw him with just one reign as a World Heavyweight Champion, many say that his second half was the best time he had in the company. Michaels was a tough competitor and made sure that he always entertained the WWE Universe during his time in the company.

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Shawn Michaels had used the F-word on Vince McMahon’s face

Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon backstage

Shawn Michaels became irate when he was advised not to go with the Kliq, according to Kevin Nash, who revealed specifics of the incident during a recent episode of Kliq this Podcast. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H made comprised the group The Kliq. Shawn was not permitted to travel with the gang back then because, in accordance with the Kayfabe, he was engaged in a feud with Razor Ramon.

Nash claims that Vince McMahon summoned Shawn into the office and informed him that he could not join the gang on their trip. When Michaels heard this, he became irate and yelled at McMahon, using the F-word, saying he shouldn’t be forced to spend the time as McMahon desires because he is the one who travels for 320 days at a time. According to Nash, the meeting was limited to Vince and Shawn, with Shawn serving as their representative.

Shawn Michaels stated in a 2012 interview with the Miami Herald that he had clashed with Vince McMahon more than anybody else, and that Vince realized that his arguments with him weren’t unprofessional or motivated by ego, but rather by a burning desire to succeed and be the greatest in the business. According to Shawn Michaels, Vince frequently claims that he didn’t terminate him because he saw his dedication to the organization. Shawn said that he always did and that McMahon always trusted him to do the task at hand on time.

“Vince McMahon, the guy I argued with more than anybody, understood it. He understood that it wasn’t unprofessionalism or ego that was driving all that; It was a desire and a passion to be the guy and to be the absolute very best that I could be…. He tells people all the time the reason he didn’t fire me is because he could see through all that. Ultimately, when it came down to his way or my way, he always knew when he said, ‘This is what I want done, period.’ He knew I’d do it, and I always did.”

Shawn retired from wrestling in 2010 but has competed in a few bouts since then, with the last one being at 2018 Crown Jewel. Shawn Michaels has replaced Triple H’s role at the NXT Brand and is said to be the show runner of NXT.

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