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BREAKING: Charlotte Flair and Andrade wedding date possibly revealed

Charlotte Flair has been written off WWE TV for her marriage with Andrade

Charlotte Flair and Andrade

Charlotte Flair and Andrade are set to marry each other very soon. The former Smackdown Women’s Champion had herself revered a couple of months ago that she was set to marry her fiancee Andrade in the summer this year. But the date wasn’t revealed by the Queen then. So the question coming in is that when are the two getting married?

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter has come up with an update over when Flair and her fiancee Andrade are going to get married. According to the recent reports, the two wrestling industry pioneers are set to marry each other this month itself. According to him Flair and Andrade wil marry each other someday in between 27th and 30th May.

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When will Charlotte Flair return to WWE?

Charlotte Flair

In one of the best matches of WrestleMania Backlash, Charlotte Flair lost her SmackDown Women’s Championship to the Baddest Woman on the Planet, Ronda Rousey. The match was one of the most brutal ‘I Quit Matches’ in the industry, the two women tore each other apart and went on to their absolute limits before the Queen screamed ‘I Quit’ in pain and agony. But Flair’s vows didn’t end right after losing the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

The end of the match saw Charlotte Flair getting locked in the armbar by Ronda Rousey and that too through a steel chair which legitimately injured the former SmackDown Women’s Champion. But the injury was just a storyline to write the Queen off WWE TV for her marriage with Andrade. According to recent reports, Flair will return to WWE TV again sometime in the end of June which suggests that the Queen could return at Summerslam.

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