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White Rabbit leaves people scratching their heads, Statistics reveal people going CRAZY over the Mystery

Google's Trending Search Analysis showed that White Rabbit WWE saw 120% surge in search index.

It seems like the White Rabbit trend has taken the Internet ablaze. The mystery doesn’t seem to be sorted as it continues to become more complex as the weeks pass. The White Rabbit is all over the Internet and people are presenting their own theories on who could be the mysterious figure.


Though Bray Wyatt still tops the list of being the most talked about thing in WWE today, but as per Triple H it is someone that no one is talking about. Well, the superstar might be someone no one is giving attention to but the curious figure has got the people talking all over the world.

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The White Rabbit Mystery Crashes The Internet especially in US

The Google Trending Search Analysis showed that the White Rabbit and Bray Wyatt trending in the US.

The phenomenon has definitely taken over the Internet and especially the US where WWE has its most impact. In the past 24 hours the White Rabbit term saw a 120% rise in the search index of the search engine, Google.

The term was searched as “White Rabbit WWE” specifying that people are curious to know about the phenomenon and the mystery related to it. On this week’s Monday Night RAW another big hint was dropped, in which a QR Code flashed on the screen for a very brief moment when Dominik Mysterio was making his entrance towards the ring and then the show went for a commercial break.

Upon scanning the QR the fans were taken to a cryptic video on Tik Tok which displayed former WWE Superstars in relation with the current mystery videos of superstars like John Cena, Cody Rhodes, Papa Shango, Batista, The Rock, Undertaker, Steve Austin, Al Snow and many more were shown.

The coordinates in the caption of the video led to a mysterious place in Italy where the Giant Pink Bunny was knitted around 15 years ago. At last numbers 40701 flashed on the screen which is apparently a pin code of a small town in Kentucky, this can be the follow up to the next clue which could be appearing on SmackDown which is scheduled to take place at Winnipeg, Canada.

It would be interesting to see where this all ultimately goes as fans are not getting enough of it. It has been a storyline that has left fans scratching their heads and this has happened after a long time in WWE. This is why people are in awe of The Creative Head Triple H for bringing in such a creative and intriguing storyline.

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