“Full tit*y grab”- WWE Universe tantalized after video of Randy Orton grabbing his wife’s b**bs on Raw resurfaces online

The Viper was certainly hearing voices in his head when he decided to pull off an NSFW gesture on Raw.

“Full tit*y grab”- WWE Universe tantalized after video of Randy Orton grabbing his wife’s b**bs on Raw resurfaces online

Randy Orton playing with his wife on Raw [via- Sean Slate on X]

When Randy Orton gets into a mood, no one can stop him from transcending the limits. Though he’s been a rather polarizing figure his entire career, Randy did slow down a bit after entering fatherhood. However, that doesn’t mean he would confine his masculine traits while handling his wife. Having said that, he could be seen grabbing his better half, Kim Orton‘s, private part just below her neck.

In a resurfaced video that stemmed from an off-air incident following a Raw episode in 2021, The Viper encountered his wife while greeting the fans. However, he thought it was a perfect opportunity to exchange a kiss and also give a firm hold to his wife’s breast. They were in giggles as the lovebirds handed a new couple goal to all the bachelors out there.


But, in all seriousness, it wasn’t that big of a deal for Randy Orton. He’s always been different from the rest of the pack. Back in 2022, Kim Orton took everyone by storm when she revealed having s*x with The Apex Predator during an episode of Raw in 2013. While speaking on The Wives of Wrestling podcast, Kim recalled the time WWE took over Madison Square Garden around Christmas.

He told us the room to go in. A security guard walked in on us. That’s when he had both titles. New, fresh love. There’s nothing better. We’re showing Christ our love.
Kim Orton on having s*x with Randy Orton at MSG

Kim Orton affirmed that she and Randy were just showing their love for Jesus Christ. The podcast host, Jon Alba, was left flabbergasted after he learned about the incident. Well, it’s one of the many flamboyant acts the Ortons have done while together. They are a happily married couple, having given birth to a couple of children.


WWE fans pour in a plethora of reactions over Randy Orton’s NSFW clip with his wife

As mentioned above, the lusty interaction between Orton and his wife would’ve been tantalizing for many. And as the reactions suggest, it just becomes obvious. The clip is making the rounds on the internet and has roped in amusing responses from the wrestling votaries.

Randy Orton with his wife
Randy Orton with his wife [via- NY post on X]

Fans used various mediums to express their immediate reactions to the said clip. A guy said he wanted to be in Randy’s place. Meanwhile, a lad used John Cena‘s truncated clip from Raw, where he said “b**bies.” All in all, fans poured in their epic reactions.

Some even called the moment non-PG, and there were a handful of fans who thought that Randy and Kim looked adorable together. There was also a famous R-Truth meme that perfectly described the act. The fans have surely enjoyed it as the video has been making the rounds on the internet.


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