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“It would have been awesome” John Cena’s heel turn was repeatedly pressurised by WWE creative

Former WWE writer Brian revealed that WWE always wanted their biggest star John Cena to have a run as a heel on WWE.

John Cena

John Cena is probably the greatest of all time in the wrestling industry with his character and mic skills he has won the WWE fans for more than over a decade. He holds a total of 16 occasions where he won the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship, he has also won the United States Championship on six different occasions.


He has achieved a lot in the company and has carried the company on his shoulder for a very long time. He made his debut in 2004 and in 2017 he was the face of WWE he was the face that runs the face and the person who held the greatest number of world titles. Although Cena stepped out of WWE in 2017 to enter the film industry and make his new career there, he still comes back in a one or two-time appearance and that appearance makes the whole stadium go wild every single time.

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Vince McMahon was scared of turning John Cena into a Heel

John Cena on WWE Raw

John Cena has been a baby face for a very long time although the Doctor of Thugonomics character had a villainous touch but he was still then a babyface and was never turned into a heel after 2005 as after the company turned into TV-PG they always wanted a guy who gets cheered no matter what and that guy should never get lost easily later this guy was Cena.

John Cena has never turned heel but WWE Former writer Brian Gewirtz recently revealed in a podcast that they have pitched this idea a lot of times and even Vince McMahon liked this idea but at that time the fan base of John Cena was so big that they did not want to make it in danger on top of that even Cena himself said that if they want to turn him heel he does not mind but he wants that he should be a dominant heel.

Gewirtz even stated that “Yes. For sure. There was a time we all did … We did push plenty of times for John to turn heel, and there was a lot of reasoning going into it. [Vince McMahon] was tempted … but ultimately, there was like the merch [sales] and everything John does.”

This idea would have been awesome but then if John turned heel who would be the big enough babyface who will face him as he is a huge star his heel turn would be huge and a second huge star would be needed if they turn John Cena heel. Gewirtz also appreciated WWE creative team for turning Roman Reigns heel as this made him carry the WWE from a very tough time which was the Pandemic era.

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