WWE, NXT 22 April, 2020 : Results


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Balor vs. Dream (Cruise weight Championship Tournament)

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Balor was missing , refree was finding him in his room. Velveteen Dream was in ring, people were thinking that this match between Balor &Dream decide the no 1 contender for his title. Then Adam cole intrupted him and said Dream will never be a Champion because Cole is his reality.
Suddenly Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong attacked Dream from behind and Cole also contributed. North American Champion Keith Lee runs down and rescued Dream.

Dakoa Kai &Raquel Gonzalez def. Shotzi Blackheart & Tegan Nox

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As soon as the bell rang for the first match, Gonzalez propelled herself across the ring and took out Nox with a boot to the face in one fluid movement.Blackheart helped her partner regain the upper hand as the show went to a commercial. When we returned, Kai’s enforcer had the green-haired grappler in a submission.

Kai played the heel well by not tagging in unless she had an advantage. Nox was only able to get her hands on her former best friend once or twice.Despite a late rally from Blackheart and Nox, Gonzalez scored the win for her team with a one-armed powerbomb.

Jake Atlas vs. Drake Maverick

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Atlas is still new to NXT and he got a big opportunity by getting a spot in the cruiserweight title tournament with a first-round match against Maverick.WWE released Maverick along with dozens of other employees last week, so it surprised a lot of people when he announced he would still be part of this tournament.

This was a hard-fought contest with a lot of back and forth action. Atlas looked good as the aggressor, but Maverick was the star with his subtle performance of a man desperate to do something to keep his job.A failed hurricanrana from Maverick led to Atlas hitting a beautiful DDT from the top turnbuckle for the win.

Kushida vs. Tony Nese

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The second cruiserweight title tournament match of the night featured the former champion, Nese, taking on a man looking to win his first gold in WWE.Kushida came into WWE with a lot of fanfare but has yet to have the kind of success it takes to win championships. This tournament could be his time to shine.

He and Nese kept the match grounded for the first few minutes with a series of takedowns and submissions. The Premier Athlete had a significant power advantage and he used it to throw Kushida out of the ring and into the barricade.They picked up the pace after the break. Kushida unloaded on Nese with a flurry of strikes before he finished off his opponent with his trademark submission.

Mia Yim vs. Jessi Kamea

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Jessi Kamea is a relative newcomer to WWE and she was given a big opportunity to face one of NXT’s rising stars, Mia Yim.The Blasian Baddie was very vocal during the match. She taunted her opponent while almost treating her like a rookie she didn’t need to worry about.

Kamea showed her why that was a mistake with some stiff strikes. However, Yim turned things around with the Protect Ya Neck for the win.Charlotte Flair made her way to the ring after the match was over. She said she wanted to face Yim as her first opponent in NXT because she respects her.

Gentleman Jack Galagher vs. El Hijo Del Fantasma

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Fantasma made his NXT debut this week in another first-round match in the cruiserweight title tournament against Jack Gallagher.The Gentleman Fighter has undergone a lot of changes recently. He added some tattoos, changed his facial hair and is trying to be taken more seriously as a performer.

His new attitude served him well as he controlled the early part of the match with some ground-based offense. His comedic tactics were gone and he was focused on inflicting as much pain as possible.The second half was more competitive as Fantasma made a comeback and scored the win with a Samoan driver.

Velveteen Dream & Keith Lee vs. Adam Cole & Roderick Strong with Bobby Fish

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As soon as the ref called for the bell, The Undisputed Era attacked Dream and Lee. While the referee was getting rid of Bobby Fish, Damian Priest appeared and hit Lee with his nightstick in the throat.

Dream continued the fight while officials checked on the North American champion at ringside. When we returned, Lee had been taken to the back while Dream stayed in the fight.A few minutes later, Dexter Lumis appeared on the apron in Dream’s corner. With no other options, the former North American champion was forced to tag in his impromptu partner.Lumis took out Strong while Dream hit The Purple Rainmaker for the win.


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