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WWE NXT GREAT AMERICAN BASH : Champion Vs champion winner takes it all


On the second day of Great American bash, the NXT champion Adam Cole took on the NXT north American Champion Keith Lee in a winner takes it all match.

In a match that saw brute strength of Lee up against Technical Finesse of Adam Cole, Keith Lee dethroned Adam Lee to become the holder of multiple NXT main titles. In a match that saw Keith Lee using his brute force to manhandle and toss Adam Cole around while also caught his superkick mid air and threw Cole out the ring, things got very exciting as fans got to witness the might of LEE first hand on their fav NXT superstar.

Cole also tried to hold Lee under lock at various points in the match. The biggest highlight of the match was when there was an amazing display by Lee as he went back and forth with Adam Cole, Keith Lee went up to the top rope for the moonsault for the cover, 1, 2…kicked out. Keith Lee looked for the finish, but Adam Cole fired back knocking down Keith Lee for the cover, 1, 2…kicked out the last shot.

Adam Cole delivered as many as 3 superkick before going for cover but Lee kicked out. Adam Cole exposed the knees and went for the drop, Adam Cole at the top of the turnbuckle, and urged Keith Lee to get up, he looked for the move but Keith Lee caught him for the big Powerbomb and then Big Bang to win the match.

And with this Keith Lee ended the rein of the leader of undisputed era via pinfall and became the first ever NXT north America and NXT champion. Adam Cole became the longest reigning champion in the history of NXT when over took fin balor’s record in march 2020. While Keith lee had joined NXT in 2018 while having a cameo in WWE as a security guard back in 2009.

With the creative team fond of how Cole’s run turned out, this is surely not the end of this feud while Triple H also showering praises on Cole, thus indicating perhaps there’s going to be a rematch. Tomaso Ciampa could get another push for the main title but for now Lee is the enjoying all the limelight.

Closing of the show saw Lee’s next feud being revealed, as Karrion Kross and Scarlett observed the celebrations from afar.