WWE NXT live results (Champions Mandy Rose and Tommaso Ciampa appears): 2 November, 2021

Checkout the WWE NXT live results from the fallout episode of Halloween Havoc.

Mandy Rose

WWE NXT live results: After a power-packed Halloween Havoc episode of NXT, the colorful brand of WWE will look forward to deliver another massive episode. With numerous title changes taking place, we might see several interesting fallouts. NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose makes her way to the ring.

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WWE NXT live results: Dexter Lumis and Johnny Gargano vs Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes

wwe nxt live results
Lumis and Gargano

Lumis is making his return to in-action after his wedding and honeymoon. Gargano and Lumis exhibit some great team work with some quick tags, preventing their opponents from gaining any sort of momentum. Gargano is tagged in and he hits a wonderful Spear.

Gargano and Hayes trade chops. Lumis tags in and connects a Flatliner. Williams distracts Gargano, and the referee too starts focussing on them. This allows Hayes to hit Ciampa with his shoe and pick up the win.

Result: Carmelo Hayes and Trick William wins

WWE NXT live results: NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa’s segment

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Ciampa as Kratos

Tommaso Ciampa successfully defended his NXT title against Bron Breakker at Halloween Havoc. Ciampa says that it’s a new era with NXT 2.0 but he is still the Champion. Carmelo Hayes walks in. He says he is the face of the new breed. Hayes calls himself the A Champion.

WWE NXT live results: Boa def. Grayson Waller

LA Knight is on commentary for this match. The two Superstars exchange blows inside the ring, as soon as the match begins. Grayson Waller gets some momentum, but he is distracted by LA Knight who stands up while doing commentary. Boa capitalizes on this distraction and kicks Waller in the head for the win.

Result: Boa wins

WWE NXT live results: Solo Sikoa def. Jeet Rama

Sikoa is making her debut on WWE NXT. Beginning with a hip attack in the corner, Sikoa starts dominating the match early. Rama tries to fight back but fails to get any sort of momentum. Sikoa climbs to the top rope and hits an Uso Splash for the win.

Result: Solo Sikoa wins

WWE NXT live results: Bron Breakker vs Andre Chase

Before this match, Chase was out in the ring. His mic was not working, so he mentioned that this is a teachable moment. He is issues an open challenge, which is answered by Bron Breakker.

As the match begins, Breakker begins to dominate. Chase manages to get some offenses, but none of them are enough to put Breakker down. Breakker hits a Power Slam for the win.

Result: Bron Breakker wins

WWE NXT live results: Legado del Fantasma def. Von Wagner and Kyle O’Reilly

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Wagner and KOR are after the Tag Team titles

Wagner and KOR aim for tag team gold, but so are the members from Legado del Fantasma. The bell rings and we are under way. KOR starts off things against Wilde. KOR dominates and soon Mendoza is tagged in, but even he fails to gain some momentum for his team.

Wagner tags in and he ensures that his team continues to dominate. Mendoza and Wilde try to double team on him but are hit with a Double Suplex. KOR is tagged back in but he is distracted by Elektra Lopez, standing at the ringside. She prevents him from executing a move.

LDF start dominating over KOR. But he soon manages to tag Wagner back in, who goes berserk. He hits a Flatliner followed by an Angle Slam, before tagging KOR back in. KOR hits a knee and goes for the cover, but the pin is broken. Wagner comes in and is quickly rolled up for the win.

Result: LDF wins

WWE NXT live results: Xyon Quinn def. Robert Stone

Before they begin wrestling, both the men started a singing competition. While Stone tried to sing Franky Monet’s theme song, Quinn went for Shawn Michaels’ theme. But soon Stone slaps Quinn and finally the match begins. Quinn goes wild and hits thunderous moves one after another. He finishes things off with a Jackhammer.

Result: Xyon Quinn wins

WWE NXT live results: Dakota Kai def. Cora Jade

dakota kai net worth
Dakota Kai

As soon as the match begins Kai goes into all out attack mode and sends Jade through the ropes. Jade fights back and even huts a wonderful hurricanrana. But that is not enough to take Kai down. Kai delivers a kick to the face for the win.

Result: Dakota Kai wins

After the match Kai dragged Jade outside the ring. She placed a table on top of her and seemed like she will stomp through it, but Kai just leaves.

WWE NXT live results: Toxic Attraction’s segment

wwe nxt live results
NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions

All the three members of Toxic Attraction are current Champions. Mandy Rose is the NXT Women’s Champion where as Jacy and Gigi hold the Women’s Tag Team titles. The crowd makes a You deserve it and No you dont chants. Io Shirai comes out to the ring and says that she wants to have a shot at Rose’s title.

The Champion quietly sneaks up on Rose and attacks her. Rose says that it is the new NXT. Jacy Jane and Gigi Dolin run down to the ring and attack Shirai too. Soon Lil Ladies run in and evens the odds.

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