Top 3 challengers for the NXT North American Championship

Bronson Reed recently won the NXT North American Championship. Here is our list of Top 3 challengers for the title.

nxt north american championship
NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed

Last week on WWE NXT, Bronson Reed defeated Johnny Gargano in a Steel Cage match to become the new North American Champion. It took Reed 14 long years to win his first-ever title on WWE. The fact that Reed was able to fight off Gargano despite constant interference from Austin Theory, makes his win of North American Championship even more convincing.

It is unlikely that Reed will be losing his title anytime soon, and we are in for a long dominant reign from The Colossal One.” But now the question arises, who will step up to challenge Reed for the title?

Here is our list of Top 3 challengers for the North American Champion Bronson Reed:

#3 Johnny Gargano

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Johnny Gargano is the most obvious choice on the list. Reed defeated Gargano to be crowned as the new Champion. It is likely that Gargano will demand a rematch and come after his lost title. But he is also unlikely to challenge Reed, immediately after suffering a clean loss.

The only way we can see Gargano coming after the title immediately, is we WWE has planned a long feud between the duo.

#2 Austin Theory

nxt north american championship

Theory is a likely challenger for the title too. WWE had recently teased that Gargano might have his eyes set on the NXT Championship. If Gargano does go after the NXT Champion (Kross vs Balor – depends on the upcoming Championship match), it would only be fitting to have Theory go after the North American Championship.

The storyline could be all the members of The Way going after the titles. The women of The Way – Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell currently hold the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship. Gargano and Theory could go after NXT Championship and North American Championship to be an all-Champion faction.

#1 LA Knight

nxt north american championship
LA Knight

WWE had planted the seeds of a feud between LA Knight and Bronson Reed earlier this year. While fans never got to see a proper feud between the duo, a Championship might just encourage Knight to come back after Reed.

Knight is yet to prove his in-ring ability to the WWE Universe. Even if he loses in the feud against Reed, he could come out looking strong from this rivalry.

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