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WWE NXT results – 17/02/2021 (Dusty Cup presentation ceremony, Raw Superstars appear)

Checkout the highlights from the latest WWE NXT episode. Dusty Cup Presentation ceremony took place and Raw Superstars appeared.

Adam Cole attacked Finn Balor

This episode set up new title matches after the NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day. The Dusty Cup winners when they will be challenging for the Championships.

Kyle O’Reilly’s segment

Dunne attacked Balor

Kyle mentioned that The Undisputed Era was supposed to be a different kind of a group. They had to define a generation. But despite being stabbed in the back by Adam Cole, he still considered him to be his brother.

But Kyle wanted to hear Cole’s explanation. Roderick Strong walked out. Strong mentioned that it was the heat of the moment and Cole would surely apologize. Kyle cut him off. He wanted to hear it from Cole.

NXT Champion Finn Balor walked out. Balor mentioned that O’Reilly was the reason for him getting kicked. The three men argued, as they were taken by Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch.  

Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon def. Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell

Moon, Hartwell and Blackheart

LeRae and Hartwell were accompanied by Johnny Gargano. He was handing out missing posters for Austin Theory who was abducted at Vengeance Day.

Moon and Blackheart, runner-ups for the Dusty Cup attacked straightaway. LeRae struggled to gain any sort of momentum in the match. Hartwell was tagged in and she managed to dominate against Blackheart and Moon.

During the match an unmarked van pulled up, they thought Theory was back. The match continued inside the ring, as Gargano searched for Theory and Lumis near the van. Moon hit LeRae with an elevated twisted facebuster.

The match was completely in The Way’s favor, when Austin Theory appeared. LeRae went to hug him, as Hartwell pinned him.  

Pat McAfee appears

Pat McAfee

McAfee had a message for the WWE Universe about Adam Cole. He said that Cole was a s****g all along. He promised the WWE Universe to see them soon and till then they could tweet #PatWasRight.

Leon Ruff def. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Scott and Ruff

Ruff was at a disadvantage in this match due to his size, but he was quick on his feet. He managed to outmaneuver Scott since the start of the match. But Scott countered with a pump kick.

Ruff managed to get back his momentum with a rebound clothesline and a springboard cutter. He followed with a crucifix pin to get the win.

After the match Scott shook hands with Ruff and laid him out. A stomped followed by a Death Valley Driver.

Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro def. Jessi Kamea and Aliyah

Carter and Catanzaro

Carter and Catanzaro were comfortably dominating the match, until Boa appeared and distracted Carter. Aliyah and Kamea capitalized, until Catanzaro was tagged in. She hit a Skull and Bones to pick up the win. After the match Xia Li mentioned that she will hurt Catanzaro, next week on NXT.

NXT Dusty Cup Presentation Ceremony

WWE Women Tag Team Champion appear

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix hosted the presentation ceremony. She hyped up MSK, who debuted in the tournament and went on to win. MSK walked out and challenged Lorcan and Burch for the titles on March 3rd.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez walked out. They were interrupted by the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. Baszler who had broken Kai’s arm tried to intimidate her. But Kai did not back down. She said Baszler ran away after losing to Ripley, whom she beat in a Last Woman Standing match.

As they argued, Phoenix and MSK stood in the corner, eating popcorn. Baszler and Jax will also be putting their titles on the line on March 3rd.

Kushida def. Tyler Rust

Rust and Kushida

Rust tried to outwrestle Kushida unsuccessfully. Kushida hit an over-the-shoulder arm breaker. Rust blocked a hammerlock suplex with a series of kicks to the neck. But Kushida managed to fight back and apply the hoverboard lock. Bivens jumped in and threw the towel for his client.

Zoey Stark def. Valentina Feroz

Feroz and Stark

Stark took down Feroz immediately and drove her into the turnbuckle. She followed with a clothesline. She dropped Feroz face first on the top turnbuckle, followed by a kick to the jaw. A half and half toss suplex and a sliding knee earned Stark a win on her debut.

Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch def. Finn Balor, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong

Balor attacked Dunne

Lorcan started off against O’Reilly, Kyle dominated and tagged in Balor. Clearly, Balor and Kyle were trusting each other but were keeping Strong out of the match. They aimed to attack Lorcan’s arm.

Strong was tagged in and he lost the momentum for his team, as Pete Dunne attacked him. Kyle was tagged in and hit two dragon screws on the Tag Team Champions. Balor soon came in and took out all his opponents.

Adam Cole came and pushed Balor into the referee. He attacked Kyle by sending him into the steelsteps. Lorcan attacked Balor with the title. Strong tried to save him, but Balor hit him in the chaos. Dunne hit a Bitter End on Balor to pick up the win.

Cole attacked Balor after the match and held up the NXT title.

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