WWE NXT Results: William Regal attacked, Joe looks for revenge and more – 20th July 2021

William Regal was attacked on NXT

WWE NXT Results: Karrion Kross attacked William Regal

The show started with Samoa Joe looking for a fight with Karrion Kross when William Regal stormed out to stop him. Joe calmed down and claimed that it would be the end of this confrontation later but it will not end peacefully.

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Samoa Joe looked for revenge from the NXT Champion

WWE NXT Results: Kushida and Bobby Fish def Tyler Rust and Roderick Strong

Before the match could start, Kushida and Fish attacked Rust and Strong after their continuous confrontations. Fish and Kushida start with a double dropkick on Strong when the latter tags Rust in. Fish delivers a timesplitter to Rust. Kushida somehow tags Fish in when Strong distracts him enabling Rust to kick him on his mid-section. Kushida came in when Rust delivered a tilt-a-whirl suplex followed by a spinning cravat buster to him. Kushida somehow fought back and applied to hoverboard lock to get the win.

WWE NXT Results: Franky Monet def Jacy Jayne

The match started with Jayne delivering power strikes to Monet when the latter delivered double knees to Jayne. Mandy Rose then came out and sat on the announce table. Using the distraction, Monet lands the Glam slam to get a pinfall victory

WWE NXT Results: Kyle O’Reilly vs Austin Theory

Theory started things with power when KOR delivers a knee to the mid-section of Theory. Austin Theory fought back with a blockbuster followed by an elbow to KOR’s face. Kyle O’Reilly fought back and applied the leg lock but Theory reached the ropes. Theory then delivered a couple of spinning powerbombs but could only get two counts. KOR then made some offense and applied the leg lock once again which makes Theory tap.

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Kyle O’Reilly vs Austin Theory was an action filled match

WWE NXT Results: Odyssey Jones def Andre Chase

Jones used his size to take Chase down and then delivered him a slam on the announce table. Chase fought back with a moonsault but was able to get only one count. Jones then delivered a chokeslam to get the pinfall on Chase.

WWE NXT Results: Drake Maverick def LA Knight

While Knight was distracted with the Million Dollar belt, Maverick delivered a crossbody to him. LA Knight fought back with fallaway slam and then went after the belt once again. Maverick used the distraction once again and this time rolled him to get the win.

WWE NXT Results: Raquel Gonzalez def Xia Li

The match started with both the women exchanging power strikes when Gonzalez delivered a kick to Li forcing her out of the ring. Li then fought back and drove the champion into the steel steps. Li then damaged the knee of the champion and then locked the single leg Boston crab on her. Gonzalez somehow fought back with a fallaway slam to Li when the latter fought back with a spinning kick for two counts. Gonzalez fought back with a spinning Vader bomb followed by a slam to get the pinfall victory.

Karrion Kross then showed up on the screen and said he is the champion and could do anything he wanted. He then shows William Regal who as down paying the price. He went away when Joe came to check on Regalas the show ended.