WWE NXT Results: Great American Bash, 6 July, 2021

Checkout the latest WWE NXT results from the Great American Bash

wwe nxt results
Samoa Joe will be a special referee next week

WWE NXT results: The latest episode of WWE NXT featured the mid-year extravaganza from the Black and Gold Brand. Three titles were on the line, but the show stealer was undoubtedly the main event match between Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole. The event kicked off with the NXT Tag Team Championship match.

MSK def. Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher (retain Tag Team Championship)

wwe nxt results
Lee and Ciampa

Tommaso Ciampa started off against Nash Carter with a big right hand. Carter countered with a duck and a corkscrew press. Timothy Thatcher tagged in and sustained a series of kicks. Wes Lee and Nash Carter were taken down. Thatcher wore Lee down with submission holds. Ciampa tagged in and delivered a hellacious running knee.

Lee was rocked by a knee from Ciampa. Lee fought out of Thatcher’s grip hit him with a series of quick kicks followed by the Hot Fire Flame. Thatcher took Carter to the corner, and battering his opponenets. Nash fought out but a series of slaps and a pump knee strike took him down.

Carter responded with a takedown onto Ciampa. MSK sent Thatcher into Ciampa, and Lee followed with a 619. He went for the handspring kick on Thatcher but was taken down by a dropkick. MSK connected a Swanton/Spiral Tap combination but Thatcher saved him from the pin. Ciampa hit the Fairy Tale Ending on Lee and Thatcher followed with an ankle lock. Lee simply rolled Thatcher up for the win.

NXT Champion Karrion Kross comes face to face with Johnny Gargano

wwe nxt results
Gargano, Joe and Kross

NXT GM William Regal and Samoa Joe were in the ring. Johnny Gargano and NXT Champion Karrion Kross came out to the ring. Johnny told Karrion he sucked. Gargano continued claiming that the only reason Kross tried to run him over last week was that he was scared. Kross laughed.

Kross said that he was not only stronger than Gargano, but he had stronger convictions, and only thought of the same three things every morning: Defending the Championship, Main eventing Wrestlemania and Becoming WWE Champion.

Regal revealed that the two would face each other for the NXT Title next week, giving Kross the chance to accomplish his number one goal. Samoa Joe would also be involved as the special guest referee.

LA Knight def. Cameron Grimes (retains NXT Million Dollar Championship)

wwe nxt results
Knight and Grimes

If Cameron Grimes failed to win the title, he will have to be LA Knight’s butler. Cameron Grimes started the match with a big kick. When Knight went for the slingshot shoulder block Grimes rocked him with a flying forearm smash followed by a moonsault.

A powerslam from Knight got momentum on his side. But Grimes caught Knight bouncing off the ropes with the Collision Course. Grimes was sent over the ropes with a Superplex. Knight tried to use the Million Dollar Title as a weapon, but referee stopped him.

LA Knight managed to avoid the Cave In. and lured Grimes into his clutches on the floor. The Million Dollar Title lay on the ground, and Knight DDT’d him on it. Knight hit the snapmare driver for the win.

Io Shirai and Zoey Stark def. The Way (new Women’s Tag Team Champions)

wwe nxt results
New NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions

Indi Hartwell started the match off with Io Shirai. A dropkick to the knee by Shirai onto Hartwell, who tagged in Candice LeRae. Shirai hit Hartwell with a missile dropkick. Zoey Stark tagged in, and rocked Hartwell with a nasty kick to the face.

LeRae and Shirai tagged in, but Shirai got the better of LeRae with a flapjack and a 619. The springboard missile dropkick also connected. A double-underhook backbreaker/superkick combo connected on LeRae.

Stark hit a running knee. LeRae avoided the Moon Over Moonsault and locked in the Garga-No Escape but Shirai managed to escape. LeRae tagged in and was caught with a small package. The lights went out, and the battery appeared on the screen hitting 100%. When the lights came back, Tegan Nox was standing on the ramp.

LeRae looked like she’d seen a ghost, allowing Shirai to send Hartwell into her. With LeRae knocked to the floor, Stark dropped Hartwell with the Feast Your Eyes for the win. After the match, Dexter Lumis came out to the ring to pick up Indi Hartwell.

NXT North American Championship Cypher

wwe nxt results
Scott’s Cypher ceremony

On NXT last week, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeated Bronson Reed to win the North American Championship. The Hit Row was out to celebrate with a cypher. With Ashante “Thee” Adonis playing the role of the DJ, we heard B-Fab, Top Dollah, and Swerve.

Adam Cole def. Kyle O’Reilly

wwe nxt results
Cole and KOR

Cole struggled against Kyle O’Reilly as the match began. He ducked a roundhouse after escaping his grip and fell to the floor. Cole got to the ropes to break an ankle lock, but O’Reilly dropped the leg to hit a knee drop. Kyle followed with a series of strikes.

Cole finally got some control with a neckbreaker. He went for the Ushigoroshi, but O’Reilly was able to break away with a series of elbows. O’Reilly then hit with the shin breaker. Cole got away from the dragon screw and countered with a backstabber.

Cole caught KOR with a flash knee strike and caught him on the ropes going for the rebound lariat. Kyle caught Cole coming to the floor with a dragon screw in between the ropes. O’Reilly avoided the Panama Sunrise and blocked the superkick.

KOR went for the Heel Hook, but Cole blocked and switched to the Figure-4 Leglock. Cole hit O’Reilly with an enzuigiri, but Kyle responded with a running basement knee. KOR moved to the top rope for the diving knee drop, but Cole rolled out of the way. Cole finally hit the Panama Sunrise followed by The Last Shot for the win.

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