WWE NXT Results July 29th, 2020

Kross Challenged Lee for the NXT title, Dexter Lumis defeat Timothy Thatcher and Finn Balor in a Triple Threat Match to earn a spot in the North American Title Ladder Match and much more happened.


In this week’s episode, fans saw Dexter Lumis defeat Timothy Thatcher and Finn Balor in a Triple Threat Match to earn a spot in the North American Title Ladder Match which will take place at WWE NXT TakeOver XXX.

WWE NXT Champion Keith Lee also made an appearance and accepted to defend his title against Karrions Kross in the future.

Brief Results

  • NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai & Tegan Nox defeat Candice LeRae & Dakota Kai
  • Johnny Gargano defeats Roderick Strong
  • Mercedes Martinez defeats Shotzi Blackheart
  • Keith Lee called out Karrion Kross
  • NXT Tag Team Champions Imperium defeat Ever-Rise
  • The Undisputed ERA attacks Imperium
  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeats Jake Atlas
  • Dexter Lumis defeats Timothy Thatcher and Finn Balor in a Triple Threat Match to earn a spot in the North American Title Ladder Match at TakeOver XXX

Detailed Match Results

Io Shirai and Tegan Nox def. Dakota Kai and Candice LeRae

The Poison Pixie was more aggressive than usual as she beat down her opponent.
They tagged their partners at the same time.

The Captain of Team Kick went right after the NXT women’s champion. She and LeRae kept her cornered with quick tags and double-team moves.

The champ hit Kai with several precise kicks before dropping her on her head with a German suplex.
Nox was able to hit the Shiniest Wizard on LeRae before Shirai finished her off with a beautiful moonsault for the win.

Johnny Gargano vs. Roderick Strong

The Master of the Backbreaker got the upper hand and kept Johnny Wrestling grounded for a little while before they started trading near-falls.

Strong hit a backbreaker to escape an abdominal stretch. This led to the first strikes of the match as he chopped Gargano several times.

After suffering several backbreakers, Gargano was able to pick up the win with the One Final Beat DDT.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Mercedes Martinez

Blackheart took it to Martinez right away with several rights to the head, but she was quickly knocked out of the ring.

The green-haired grappler hit a nice dropkick followed by a sunset bomb for a close two-count. A few more kicks gave Blackheart a clear advantage, but Martinez refused to be pinned.

One release German suplex from the top turnbuckle was all it took for the newcomer to turn the tables. She immediately hit her finisher for the win over Blackheart.

Keith Lee Responds to Karrion Kross

Lee came to the ring and looked a lot more serious than usual. He said Dijakovic is a grown man who will be fine, but he still can’t get past what Kross did last week.

He said Kross had his attention now, but for some reason, Cameron Grimes came out and started talking trash. He claimed he would take the NXT title before Lee dragged him into the ring by his neck with one hand.

Before the beating could continue, the lights dropped and Scarlett appeared on the stage surrounded by smoke. She stared at Lee as Grimes tried to attack the champ one more time. Lee powerbombed him before Kross appeared on the big screen and taunted him for watching his friend suffer last week

He gave The Limitless One an ultimatum. He demanded a shot at the title, or Lee would find out what “the hard way” is. He promised all of the champion’s friends would suffer. Lee immediately accepted the challenge.

Imperium vs. Ever-Rise

Barthel and Martel started for their teams. The tag team champions maintained the upper hand for almost the entire match.

Parker and Martel were little more than jobbers here. Imperium got the victory with the European Bomb finisher.

As they celebrated, The Undisputed Era showed up and attacked them. The team that used to hold all of the gold in NXT is looking to establish its dominance again, and it looks like Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly have their sights set on the titles.

Isaiah Scott vs. Jake Atlas

They started with some quick counters that saw Atlas get in some good offense. Swerve kept up with him and scored the first two-count of the match.

Atlas hit a perfect springboard blockbuster for a near-fall. He came close to winning again with the same headlock DDT Jon Moxley first used as Dean Ambrose.

Scott brought him down with a series of moves to reverse the momentum of the match. Atlas took control right back with a modified Olympic Slam from the top rope. Swerve got the win with his patented JML Driver.

Finn Balor vs. Dexter Lumis vs. Timothy Thatcher

Lumis stood completely still in his corner after the bell while Balor and Thatcher locked up. The Artist threw both of them out of the ring and flipped over the top rope to land on his feet.

He had the power advantage in this contest, and he used it to keep The Prince and Thatcher at bay. The submission specialist used his superior ring IQ to punish his opponents with various holds throughout the match.

Most of Balor’s offense consisted of his usual array of kicks and chops. All three men came close to winning before Lumis choked out Thatcher to secure his spot at TakeOver.

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