WWE NXT results (New North American Champion crowned) – 29 June, 2021

Checkout the latest WWE NXT results where a new North American Champion was crowned.

wwe nxt results
Joe and Kross
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WWE NXT results – The black and gold brand of WWE surprised the fans by announcing a Championship match out of nowhere. In the main event of this week’s WWE NXT, the North American Championship was on the line and Isaiah “Swerve’ Scott tried to capture the title from Bronson Reed. The episode kicked off with the No.1 Contender’s match for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Io Shirai and Zoey Stark def. Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart and Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai

wwe nxt results
Gonzalez dominated the match

Raquel Gonzalez started the match off against Ember Moon and Io Shirai. Shirai and Moon teamed up to bring down the NXT Women’s Champion. A double dropkick was followed by a double clothesline.

Raquel dumped Shirai with snake eyes, but was sent to Moon’s corner with a head scissor. Moon and Blackheart hit a one-legged facebuster and sunset flip combination onto Gonzalez. Stark avoided Blackheart’s suicide dive as Moon landed on everyone with a senton.

Dakota Kai dumped Stark to the floor and went after Blackheart. Gonzalez drove Blackheart into the corner with a series of shoulder thrusts and followed with a big body splash. Stark entered and went berserk with a series of strikes.

Stark sent Kai into the corner and tagged Shirai. She hit the 619 and springboard missile dropkick on Kai, but Blackheart broke the pin up. Blackheart hit Shirai with a series of kicks and followed up with a bulldog.

Moon and Blackheart hit a pair of running kicks onto Shirai and Kai. Blackheart dumped Kai overhead with a tiger suplex and countered it into Cattle Mutilation but Gonzalez made the save. Gonzalez knocked Shirai and Stark. Moon was hit with a powerslam, and Blackheart was dropped with a powerbomb.

Stark and Shirai eliminated Gonzalez, and as Kai hit a double stomp on Blackheart, she rolled into a kick from Shirai. Kai escaped the pin, but a double underhook backbreaker left her in position for the Moon Over Moonsault. Everyone hit their finishes, leaving Shirai and Kai in the ring. Shirai hit the Moon Over Moonsault for the win.

NXT Champion Karrion Kross’ segment

wwe nxt results
Theory attacked Kross

Karrion Kross made his way to the ring with Scarlett. He was there to call out Johnny Gargano. Gargano came out and mentioned that he was no coward. The ring was his world and unlike Kross, he had actual talent.

“You may be bigger than me, but everyone knows I’m smarter than you,” said Gargano as Theory surprise attacked Kross. But Kross was quick to defend himself. Kross got hold of Gargano and repeatedly drove him into the barricade.

Soon Samoa Joe walked out with the security. As Kross was held back, Gargano hit him with the superkick.

Roderick Strong def. Asher Hale

wwe nxt results
Strong and Hale

As the match began Hale escaped Strong’s grasp and almost locked him in an ankle lock. Strong blocked the lock but Hale moved in with the sleeper hold. Strong managed to break away again and followed up with a uranage style backbreaker.

Roderick got the momentum on his side and started dominating Hale. Diamond Mine’s Malcolm Bivens rooted for Strong. Strong stunned Hale with a spinning back elbow and the jumping knee, followed by a modified Rings of Saturn for the win via submission.

Cameron Grimes def. Ari Sterling

wwe nxt results
Sterling and Grimes

Cameron Grimes managed to keep up with the high flyer from 205Live by hitting a handspring out of a headscissor takedown. A hurricanrana by Grimes sent Sterling to the floor, but he blocked Cameron’s apron kick. Sterling followed it up with the Moonsauce.

A running corkscrew moonsault press hit Grimes. Sterling capitalized in the corner, and pelted Grimes with a series of kicks. Grimes managed to avoid the double stompand drove Sterling into the mat with the Cave In for the win.

After the match NXT Million Dollar Champion LA Knight came to the stage. Grimes challenged him for the Million Dollar title at NXT Great American Bash. Knight denied and gave another idea. If Grimes loses the title match, he will become Knight’s new butler.

Kyle O’Reilly’s segment

wwe nxt results
Joe with Cole and KOR

KOR came out to the ring to hype up the fans for his highly anticipated rematch against Adam Cole at NXT Great American Bash. He called out Cole, and it looked like another brawl was about to break out. But Samoa Joe walked in with security.

Cole mentioned that KOR was jealous of him. But KOR just mocked him.  Cole said that without him KOR was a nobody, everybody knows that including Cole’s wife. KOR said that he was ashamed of The Undisputed Era. The two were about to break into a brawl but Joe stepped in.

Xia Li and Boa def. Mercedes Martinez and Jake Atlas

wwe nxt results
Mixed Tag Team match

A brawl broke out between Xia Li and Mercedes Martinez even before the match began. Jake Atlas took Boa down with a step-up springboard arm drag. Martinez was tagged in. She was stunned with a thrust kick by Li.

Martinez fought back and sent Li down to the floor and called out Mei Ying, who just stared on from the ramp. Boa hit a palm strike to the throat of Jake as Li tagged in. Li followed up with a leaping clothesline.

Li was hit with a clothesline and a series of strikes. Boa went on to hit Martinez, only to be countered by Atlas. Martinez and Atlas took Boa out, and Li was hit with a big right from Martinez. Martinez stared at Mei Ying, who stood out from her throne. Xia Li hit an exploder suplex and followed with the cyclone kick knocking Martinez out, as the referee called for the bell.

NXT Tag Team Championship segment

wwe nxt results
The two teams will battle at Great American Bash

At the Great American Bash, the NXT Tag Team Champions MSK will put their titles on the line against Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa. All four men sat inside the ring. Ciampa told MSK that they were the underdogs.

Thatcher is yet to win gold in NXT, and Ciampa said that he was motivated. MSK stood up and said that they respected them, and they’ve heard the talk. The crowd started a “Ciampa’s gonna kill you” chant.

Nash Carter and Wes Lee were tired of being disrespected, and reminded Ciampa and Thatcher were the challengers, not the other way around. Nash hit Ciampa with a right hand to the jaw but Ciampa didn’t react at all. Thatcher tried to attack, but Tommaso held him back. Ciampa said that was a free one, but he won’t be so lucky next week.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott def. Bronson Reed (New North American Champion)

wwe nxt results
New North American Champion Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Reed dominated the initial stages of the match. A headbutt sent Swerve into the corner, and Reed launched him chest first into the turnbuckle. Scott hit a chop to the inner thigh, and went for a sunset flip bomb, but Reed sat down on him.

Swerve managed to get back into the match as he hit a rebound German suplex for a near fall. Reed got back to his feet, but Swerve dropped him again with a rolling flatliner.

Reed blocked the House Call and turned Swerve inside out with a lariat. Swerve responded with a dropkick. Top Dollah distracted the referee as Ashante “Thee” Adonis knocked Reed off the top, leading him to send Dollah through the plexiglass.

Reed was hit with the House Call in the ring followed by a 450 Splash for the win. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott is the new NXT North American Champion.

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