WWE NXT Results – 11/05/2021 (2 Championship matches, Hit Row debuts)

Checkout the latest WWE NXT results where Two Championships were on the line. Raquel Gonzalez and Kushida retained his title.

wwe nxt results
Gonzalez retained her NXT Women's title

This episode of WWE NXT featured two Championship matches. The NXT Women’s Championship and the Cruiserweight Championship were on the line. Additionally, a brand-new faction debuted on the show with Isaiah “Swerve” Scott.

 Karrion Kross def. Austin Theory

wwe nxt results
Theory and Kross

As the match began, Theory was hesitant but threw a few punches to the NXT Champion. A standing dropkick only made Kross angry, and he countered with a hellacious big boot in the corner. NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano stared as Kross dominated Austin.

Karrion Kross hit a Heart Punch, followed by another boot to the jaw. A Saito Suplex launched Theory and he fell right on his neck. Karrion went for the Doomsday Saito but Gargano distracted the referee and allowed Theory to scratch at the eyes of the NXT Champion.

Austin Theory showed off his incredible power and launched Kross overhead with a fallaway slam. But Kross stood right up out of it and hit Theory with back-to-back Doomsday Saitos. The Running Elbow to the back of the neck knocked Theory out. He locked in a Kross Jacket for the win.

As Kross was staring at Gargano, Finn Balor appeared behind him. Balor mentioned that he wanted his rematch, Kross agreed.

MSK def. Breezango

wwe nxt results
MSK and Breezango

Prince Pretty started off against Wes Lee, and hit his iconic pose in the corner to taunt the champiom. Both men threw superkicks but ended up hitting each other’s legs as Fandango and Nash Carter tagged in.

Fandango was hit with a dropkick, and Carter was able to duck as Breezango ran into each other headfirst. Fandango launched Lee into the corner with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Lee escaped the backbreaker/slingshot elbow combination, and MSK hit Tyler Breeze with the Hot Fire Flame.

Fandango broke up the pin and was hit with a superplex. He fought Carter off but was knocked to the floor with a flash knee strike. Carter hit a moonsault onto Breezango. Lee launched Carter at Fandango with a dropkick. Breeze was stunned with a kick to the gut for the win.

Pete Dunne def. Leon Ruff

wwe nxt results
Ruff and Dunne

Leon Ruff shocked Pete Dunne with his unorthodox offense right at the start of the match. A kip-up enzuigiri stunned Pete, but he managed to catch Ruff bouncing off the ropes into a submission. Ruff broke away but was hit with a clothesline.

A rebound clothesline was hit on Dunne, but he countered the springboard cutter with a forearm that knocked Ruff out in mid-air. A modified triangle choke and a series of elbows to the back later, the referee called for the bell.

Raquel Gonzalez def. Mercedes Martinez (retains NXT Women’s Championship)

wwe nxt results
Martinez and Gonzalez

Raquel Gonzalez was dropped to the floor in the initial moments of the match. Mercedes Martinez drove Gonzalez into the barricade with a flying knee strike. They got back in the ring and traded clubbing blows.

Gonzalez soon took over the bout and hit heavy shots and headlocks. Martinez fought back and managed to bowl over Raquel and trap her in a sleeper hold. Gonzalez drove Martinez into the corner several times.

Martinez escaped and hit a forearm. Raquel was dropped with a rolling neckbreaker from the top turnbuckle. A spear on the apron followed. Gonzalez tossed Martinez into the ring post with snake eyes but was stunned with a jawbreaker. A clothesline took Martinez down followed by a backbreaker.

A series of knees stunned Gonzalez, but she fought back with a devastating boot. The one-armed powerbomb nearly drove Martinez through the mat and earned Gonzalez a win.

Hit Row debuts on NXT

wwe nxt results
The Hit Row

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott managed to defeat Leon Ruff, last week, with some back up. He admitted that he wasn’t trying to be himself and that was a mistake. Swerve is disrespectful and dangerous.

He has now recruited the people who follow the same path – Ashangte “Thee” Adonis, B-FAB and Top Dolla. The group produces nothing but hits. Hence the name – Hit Row.

Kyle O’Reilly def. Oney Lorcan

wwe nxt results
KOR and Lorcan

KOR began with a high kick but Lorcan blocked it, bringing the multi-time NXT Tag Team Champion down to the mat. Kyle locked in a crossface. Lorcan managed to escape and pushed his opponent to the corner.

O’Reilly was hit with an elbow straight to the throat. Lorcan followed up by launching his opponent spine-first into the turnbuckle. Oney knocked O’Reilly to the apron but was caught in a cross armbreaker in between the ropes. Pete Dunne distracted KOR.

Kyle fought out of the corner and turned Lorcan over with a kitchen sink knee lift followed by a series of kicks and knees. O’Reilly and Lorcan traded blows. A brainbuster was set up for Kyle’s diving knee which earned him a win.

After the match, Lorcan and Dunne attacked KOR. But KOR’s Tag Team partner Bobby Fish made his return to make the save.

Kushida def. Santos Escobar (retains NXT Cruiserweight Championship)

wwe nxt results
Escobar and Kushida

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida was sent to the floor just as the match began. Just as it looked like Legado Del Fantasma was going to attack Kushida, NXT Tag Champions MSK came in and dove onto both Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza. The referee sent both teams to the back.

Santos Escobar held Kushida in a cloverleaf. Escobar hit a gutbuster as he dropped Kushida stomach first on the ring post. Escobar locked in a Boston Crab on the steps, which stretched Kushida’s neck against the ring post.

Escobar trapped the champ in a surfboard stretchThe Time Splitter dropped into the corner after the running double knee strike to the chest. Kushida countered an avalanche hurricanrana. He connected a handspring back elbow followed that with the arm drag/dropkick. Escobar countered with the pump knee followed by the Phantom Driver for the first fall.

After the first fall, Kushida locked in a cross armbreaker in the middle of the ring forcing Escobar to tap quickly. The scores are levelled.

A penalty kick to the arm from Kushida forced Santos to the floor where he was dropped face first. A double clothesline left both men down on the mat.Escobar stunned Kushida with the enzuigiri at the top. Kushida fought out of the lock and took his opponent all the way to the mat with a Hoverboard Lock.

Escobar couldn’t get to the ropes as Kushida rolled him back to the middle of the ring. Another Hoverboard Lock was applied, but when Kushida couldn’t take Escobar off his feet, he dropped his challenger on his head. A second Hoverboard Lock in the middle of the ring earned Kushida the win.

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