WWE NXT results – 18/05/2021 (Steel Cage match for the North American Championship)

Checkout the latest WWE NXT results, where a new NXT North American Champion was crowned after a brutal steel cage match.

wwe nxt results
New North American Champion Bronson Reed

On this episode of WWE NXT, Johnny Gargano put his North American Championship on the line against Bronson Reed in a steel cage match. The show kicked-off with a match between Toni Storm and Zoey Stark.

Toni Storm def. Zoey Stark

wwe nxt results
Storm and Stark

Toni Storm, a few weeks ago was one of the contenders for the women’s title, struggled early in the match and was sent to the floor after a dive from Zoey Stark. Stark followed it up with a springboard dropkick on Storm. Toni shocked her off the apron for a fall.

Storm crashed Stark against the stairs with a running hip attack. Storm caught Zoey Stark with a snap suplex. She followed it up with a backbreaker. But Stark countered with an enzuigiri. They traded punches.

Stark hit a clothesline and a sliding knee to take down Storm. Storm tried to counter with a Storm Zero but was hit by a hurricanrana, followed by a half-and-half suplex. But Storm got back into the match with a German Suplex.

Storm introduced a new finisher move. She hit spark with a reverse headlock takeover and a DDT for the win. But Storm’s celebration was cut short when Franky Monet interrupted.

Jake Atlas def. Cameron Grimes

wwe nxt results
Atlas and Grimes

Prior to the match, Cameron Grimes played a video highlighting Ted Dibiase’s most embarrassing moments. But the crowd chanted for the Million Dollar Man. As the match began, Jake Atlas sent Grimes to the floor.

A stunning springboard arm drag followed by an enzuigiri and hurricanrana, by Atlas. Grimes managed to hit Atlas with strikes. But Atlas caught a roundhouse and launched him chest first into the turnbuckle.

Ted Dibiase’s music hit and distracted Grimes. This allowed Atlas to simply roll him up for the win. Grimes tried to chase the Million Dollar Man, but he had left in his limo.

Killian Dain def. Alexander Wolfe

wwe nxt results
Dain and Wolfe

Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain traded uppercuts as the match began. Dain completely dominated against his former stablemate. He nearly took Wolfe out with a massive clothesline. Fabian Aichner attacked Drake Maverick, outside the ring.

Dain refused to lose his momentum, and even attacked Aichner. Imperium’s Marcel Barthel sent a chair into the ring but before he could do anything, he was crushed with The Divide for the win.

After the match, Imperium attacked Wolfe and eliminated him from the group.

Legado del Fantasma def. Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher

wwe nxt results
Ciampa dominated the match

Tommaso Ciampa started off with Joaquin Wilde and dominated in the early moments of the match. Timothy Thatcher and Raul Mendoza tagged in, but Legado Del Fantasma still struggled to get the upper hand.

Mendoza hit Ciampa finally, but it only angered NXT’s Blackheart more. Ciampa dragged Mendoza to Thatcher. Ciampa ran to catch Wilde with the same maneuver. But Legado Del Fantasma hit a pair of jawbreakers, but soon all four men were down.

Wilde saved Mendoza from Willow’s Bell. While a double spinebuster and a wishbone took Ciampa down. Raul Mendoza was nearly knocked. Thatcher stunned Mendoza with some uppercuts and a half-hatch suplex.

Mendoza managed to block the Fairy Tale Ending and got to his partner. Wilde and Mendoza hit the assisted springing moonsault/springboard moonsault combination. They were set up for their leg sweep/flying roundhouse combination, but Mendoza was pulled to the floor by Thatcher.

Former NXT UK Tag Team Champions Grizzled Young Veterans ran in as the referee was distracted. They hit Ciampa with Ticket to Mayhem on the apron as LDF hit their finisher for the win.

Sarray def. Aliyah

wwe nxt results
Sarray and Aliyah

Sarray tried to show some respect to Aliyah but was knocked on her back. Sarray hit a springboard arm drag but a distraction from The Robert Stone Brand allowed Aliyah to catch her with a back elbow to the face.

Sarray and Aliyah traded punches, with Sarray getting the best of her opponent with a leaping spinning back kick. Sarray followed a German spike with the missile dropkick for the win.

Hit Row def. Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari

wwe nxt results
Top Dolla

As the match began, Top Dolla stacked both his opponents on his hsoulders and hit a double Wasteland slam. Dolla dragged Daivari into the corner and tagged Adonis in. Ashante hit a dropkick, dropping Daivari Dinero to the mat.

Dolla tagged in and crushed Daivari in the corner and Adonis hit the Long Kiss Goodnight superkick on Nese. Dolla hit the fireman’s carry brainbuster for the win.

Bronson Reed def. Johnny Gargano (Steel Cage match, new North American Champion)

wwe nxt results
Reed and Gargano

Johnny Gargano rushed to the door and nearly made it down the stairs as soon as the match began. But was caught by his challenger. Bronson Reed cornered Gargano and forcing him to try to fight.

Reed sent Gargano down to the mat and completely dominated him. Gargano went for a spear spear through the ropes, but failed when his feet were caught in the cage, allowing Reed to hit the elevated DDT.

Gargano targeted the knee of Reed and even hit a moonsault off the top. Reed was caught between the ropes and Gargano kicked the middle one to serve as a low blow. Reed managed to hit a Samoan Drop.

Gargano countered with a sunset flip bomb from the top rope. By this time Austin Theory came in and tried to pull Gargano out of the cage. But Reed crushed Gargano with a senton. Gargano attempted One Final Beat, but Reed caught him and sent him into the cage.

Bronson made it to the door but Theory sent it crashing into his head. He followed it up with the One Final Beat. Gargano almost escaped but was hit with an avalanche powerbomb. Reed tried to climb out but was stopped by Theory.

Reed fought off both the members of The Way and hit a Tsunami off the top rope to win the NXT North American Championship. He was visibly emotional, as the show ended.

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