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Former WWE Superstar Paige trolls fans with a fake photo

Former WWE Superstar Paige recently trolled her fans with a fake plastic surgery photo.

Paige trolled her fans with a fake image

Former WWE Superstar Paige keeps her fans updated through her social media accounts and her popular Twitch channel, where she streams regularly. But a recent post of her received a lot of negative comments from her own followers.

Paige has posted a picture of herself, on her Twitter account. The image immediately caught the attention of her fans, who started believing that Paige had gone under the knife. The caption had the link to her Twitch stream.

But Paige soon revealed that it was a fake photo and she was just trolling her fans. The purpose of the picture was to get the fans to check out her Twitch stream – where she read the dumb tweets from her fans.

The former NXT Women’s Champion and two-time Divas Champion even called out her fans for their cruel comments, via another tweet which read – “So many of you believed the filter pic below was real. You were all SO SO cruel I can’t believe how you treat people you don’t know… but also thanks for the content because I read all your dumba** tweets out on my stream.”

Paige wants to make a WWE comeback

Paige trolled her fans with a fake image

Paige played an important role in kick-starting the women’s revolution in WWE. But her career came to an abrupt end due to her injuries. She was forced into retirement in April 2018, due to a neck injury.

But in a recent interview on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast, Paige had revealed that she wants to make a comeback but is scared of injuries. But she was positive that someday she will be mentally ready and make a comeback.

“It [neck] feels good and, honestly, it actually scares me as well to maybe come back to wrestling because I really want to and I would come back tomorrow but I’m always gonna have in the back of my head, like what if something happens and I do get paralyzed? So it does scare me. I know I’m not gonna be fully ready mentally to come back, but watch out world! Because when I am mentally ready to come back, everyone’s in trouble.”

Even after announcing her retirement from her in-ring career, Paige had continued to appear on WWE in on-screen managerial roles. Post that, she was seen on Fox’s post-show for Smackdown.   

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