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The Viper Randy Orton set to break two major WWE records this weekend

14-time WWE Champion Randy Orton is expected to break two major records this weekend.


Randy Orton has been the top performer for WWE for nearly two decades. He is one of the greatest Heels to have ever stepped inside the ring. Over the years, Orton has won several accolades, and is also a 14-time WWE World Champion, which is the second-longest in the history of the company.

The Legend Killer currently performs on WWE’s Red brand and is also the current Raw Tag Team Champion along with Riddle. While winning titles has been the norm for Orton, but he is well set to break two major WWE record during the upcoming weekend. These records merely add on to the legacy of Orton.

When Randy Orton steps inside the ring at WWE Survivor Series 2021, to face The Usos in a Champion vs Champion match, he will break the record for the most number of pay-per-view appearances. Survivor Series 2021 is going to be Orton’s 177th PPV appearance. But this is not all. The next night, if he competes on WWE Raw, he will be breaking the record for most number of matches on WWE Raw.

“I’ve never been one to keep records or stats throughout my career. Early on, it was laughable to consider in my profession you had ‘wins’ and ‘losses’. You certainly wouldn’t talk about it, with the boys much less fans. But I’m fortunate to have some fans (and friends)” – read one of Orton’s several tweets.

“Let everyone out there that’s ever supported me in any way know that I am thankful. I also know with all of my heart that I couldn’t have done it without you. Now on to my 15th Survivor Series” – read a part of one of Orton’s tweets.

WWE Superstar Bayley reacts to Randy Orton’s upcoming milestone


WWE Superstar also took to Twitter to reply to Randy Orton’s tweet regarding his upcoming weekend of records! In a simple tweet, Bayley had just two words for the Legend Killer – “The Greatest”. Bayley is also a Heel and undoubtedly, Orton is the benchmark for all the Heels.

Bayley is currently out of action due to an injury. She is expected to make her return sometime early next year. But despite being out of action, Bayley has managed to entertain her fans through her tweets.

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