WWE Raw live results (Charlotte Flair confronts Nikki A.S.H.): 9 August, 2021

Checkout the WWE Raw live results where Charlotte Flair opens up about her loss to Nikki A.S.H.

wwe raw live results
Flair and A.S.H.

WWE Raw live results: This is the penultimate episode of WWE Raw before the “Biggest Party of Summer”. Only two matches have been announced so far from the Red brand, and more announcements are expected.

Stay tuned for live WWE Raw results.

WWE Raw live results: Randy Orton returns

Randy Orton returned to WWE and kicked the show off. The Viper was happy to see the WWE Universe return and welcomed them to Raw. Riddle then came out and said he missed Randy. The Viper then asked Riddle why would he team up with the Orginal Bro. He then said he worked better by himself and Riddle needed help everytime. AJ Styles and Omos then came out and made fun of the situation between Riddle and Orton.

Styles said that Orton has always used and abused the men he met and said that is what Randy Orton means. Orton then said that AJ Styles is only about ego and the only thing bigger than that it Omos. Styles was furious and challenged Orton for a match. Orton then knocked Styles out of the ring and tried to deliver an RKO to Omos but the big man was able to get out of it. Riddle then attempted to deliver the RKO as well but Omos countered it with a chokeslam.

WWE Raw live results: Drew McIntyre def Baron Corbin

The match started with Corbin trying be clever in getting the upper hand but McIntyre took him down. The Scottish Warrior delivered a suplex to Corbin and then knocked him out of the ring. Corbin then tried to fight back but ran into an over head suplex on the barricade. Baron Corbin again tried to fight back and delivered a superplex to McIntyre. The latter then picked the pace and delivered a neckbreaker to Corbin. McIntyre then played mind games with Corbin and ultimately delivered the claymore to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Karrion Kross def Jeff Hardy

The match started with Kross taking Hardy down with a big boot followed by a suplex and then drove him out of the ring. Hardy fought back and drove Kross into the steel steps and the delivered the legsweep but Kross fired back. Hardy then tried to take Kross down but the latter applied the Kross jacket to make Hardy submit.

WWE Raw live results: Alexa Bliss def Doudrop

The match started with Bliss applying the sleeper hold on Doudrop and taking her down. While Doudrop tried to fight back, Lilly distracts her which Bliss uses to roll and get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Sheamus vs Ricochet

The match started with Sheamus using his power to apply the chin lock on Ricochet when the latter’s athleticism turned things around. Ricochet then delivered the hurricanrana and tried to take things away from SHeamus but the Celtic Warrior landed a Brogue kick to Ricochet to get the victory.

WWE Raw live results: Damian Priest def John Morrison

The match started with both the men exchanging blows and trying to take each other down. Morrison then went for a dive but Priest countered it with the reckoning to get the win.

After the match, Priest challenged Sheamus for a match at Summerslam and the match is made official.

WWE Raw live results: T-Bar vs Mustafa Ali

T-Bar used his power to deliver a big back body drop to Ali and start the match when the latter tried to fight back. T-Bar then delivered the spinning boot to flatten Ali when Mace took Mansoor down outside the ring. T-Bar then took Ali down with the reverse GTS to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley confronts Goldberg

wwe raw live results
WWE Champion Bobby Lashley

MVP started by saying that he would never threaten Goldberg’s son because he is a father as well. MVP said that Goldberg’s spear damaged his ribs and was like a truck going over him but is he enters Summerslam, his career would be ended. The two men then address Gage and ask him to stop Goldberg from entering Summerslam.

WWE Raw live results: Nikki A.S.H. def Rhea Ripley via dq

wwe raw live results
A.S.H defeated Flair in a No Holds Barred match

The match started with Ripley taking Nikki down with her strikes and using Nikki’s previous injuries to take everything out of her. Ripley then tried to deliver the riptide but Nikki countered it with a crossbody and went for a splash but Flair attacked her.

WWE Raw live results: Randy Orton def AJ Styles

wwe raw live results
Omos and Riddle

The match started with Orton delivering upper cuts and power strikes to Styles when the Viper stood face to face with Omos. Styles then tried to sight back with a sliding dropkick and went for the phenomenal forearm. Orton countered it with a DDT. Omos then started creating distractions when Riddle attacked him. Styles then went for the phenomenal forearm but Randy turned it into an RKO to get the win.

After the match Orton hugged Riddle and then delivered an RKO to him showing him his true colours.

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