WWE Raw live results (Goldberg addresses Lashley; Flair vs Nikki in a No Holds Barred match): 02 August, 2021

Checkout the WWE Raw live results where Charlotte Flair faces Nikki A.S.H. in a No Holds Barred match.

wwe raw live results
Flair and A.S.H battle in a No Holds Barred match
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WWE Raw live results: WWE is currently delivering one of the most solid PPV buildup that we have seen in a really long time. Storylines are leading to “The Biggest Party of the Summer” – WWE Summerslam 2021.

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WWE Raw live results: Goldberg address WWE Champion Bobby Lashley

wwe raw live results

Bobby Lashley came out with MVP and the latter said that Goldberg made a mistake by challenging the almighty. He said that if Lashley accepted the Icon’s challenge, it wouldn’t be good for him when Goldberg came out. The Hall of Famer said that if anybody should be worried about losing, it should be Lashley. He said his age doesn’t matter and that he lives by the spear. He then said that at Summerslam Lashley is next. Goldberg then went back and then MVP and Lashley tried to threaten the Icon’s son sitting in the front row but the Icon came back and delivered a spear to MVP.

WWE Raw live results: Drew McIntyre def Veer and Shanky via dq

The match started with McIntyre delivering power strikes to Veer when Shanky came in and the two men drove him into the ring post. McIntyre then fought back and delivered elbows followed by the neckbreaker and then called for the claymore. Jinder Mahal then attacked the Scottish warrior with a steel chair. All the three men had chairs when McIntyre brught his sword out. He took all the men out with his sword to stand tall.

WWE Raw live results: Rhea Ripley def Nia Jax

The match started with Jax trying to overpower Ripley when the latter tried to turn things around. Ripley tried to deliver a headbutt but Jax drove her into the ring post. Ripley fought back with power strikes and went for the riptide but Jax took her down with elbow strikes. Rhea Ripley then used her strikes to take Jax down for two counts. Jax then delivered the leg drop but Ripley was able to kick out at two. Ripley then rolled Jax to get the pinfall victory.

WWE Raw live results: T-Bar and Mace def Mansoor and Mustafa Ali

T-Bar and Mace started the match with complete dominance and took both the men down when Ali tagged himself in. He delivered a neckbreaker to T-Bar. Mansoor came in but ran into a boot to get pinned.

WWE Raw live results: Charlotte Flair addresses Nikki A.S.H. ahead of their match

Flair said that Nikki had stole the Raw Women’s Championship and then called her the most decorated women in WWE history. She then took some weapons out and said she would use all of them in the match when Nikki used a steel chair to hit it on her challenger from behind.

WWE Raw live results: Tamina def Doudrop

wwe raw live results
Marie and Lily

The match started with Tamina taking Doudrop down with a shoulder tackle followed by a hip attack in the corner. Eva Marie tried to distract Tamina when Doudrop delivered an elbow to the tag champion for two counts. Tamina then delvered the Samoan drop and pinned her to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Sheamus and Priest face-off

wwe summerslam
Sheamus and Priest

Damian Priest appeared on Miz TV where the Miz and Morrison made fun of him for cheating against Sheamus. Priest then said that he wanted to challenge Sheamus but after what happened, Morrison would be next. He then took both the men out and used their dripstick against them.

WWE Raw live results: Damian Priest vs John Morrison

The match started with Priest taking Morrison down with power strikes when Miz distracted the archer of infamy with the dripstick. Priest then used the anger and delivered a chokeslam to John to get the win.

After the match, Sheamus came out to attack Priest when Ricochet came out to help him.

WWE Raw live results: Damian Priest and Ricochet def Sheamus and John Morrison

The match started with Ricochet diving out to take everyone down. Priest tagged himself in and delivered a chokeslam to Morrison but could get only two counts. Ricochet then delivered the moonsault on him followed by the reckoning by Priest to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Omos def Riddle

raw tag team champion
Riddle faces Omos on Raw

The match started with Omos using his power to throw Riddle outside the ring. Riddle tried to fight back but one headbutt was enough to take him down again. Omos then delivered the double handed chokeslam to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Keith Lee vs Karrion Kross

Both the men exchanged power strikes in the start when Kross took control and started delivering suplexes to Lee. The legion of doom fought back with s thunderous shoulder tackle and went for the spirit bomb but Kross applied the Kross jacket. Lee fought back and delivered the spirit bomb to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Reggie def Akira Tozawa

Just when the bell rang, Reggie delivered a vicious elbow to Tozawa and pined him.

WWE Raw live results: Nikki A.S.H def Charlotte Flair in a No Holds Barred match

wwe raw live results
Flair and A.S.H.

The match started with Flair emptying the announce table and trying to put Nikki over it. Flair delivered a big boot to Nikki and then sent her through the barricade. Nikki then fought back with a DDT outside the ring when Flair powerbombed the champion through the table. Flair then tried to deliver a spear to the champion but instead hurt herself through the table. The champion then delivered a springboard neckbreaker to Flair to get the win.

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