WWE Raw live results (Go-Home episode for WWE Survivor Series 2021): 15 November, 2021

Checkout the WWE Raw live results from the go-home show for WWE Survivor Series 2021.

wwe raw live results
Lynch and Morgan

WWE Raw live results: WWE Survivor Series 2021 is just less than a week away. While this year we have barely seen any build for the event – we might see some new matches get announced during this episode. We go live into the arena and WWE Champion Big E makes his way to the ring.

Stay tuned for the live updates from the Red brand.

WWE Raw live results: Bobby Lashley vs Rey Mysterio

wwe survivor series 2021

The newest addition to Team Raw, The All Mighty Bobby Lashley comes out with MVP. Lashley picks Rey up but Rey lands on the ring apron. Rey climbs the top rope and hits a sit down senton. Dominik gets on the ring apron and distracts Lashley as Rey knocks Lashley to the outside of the ring.

Rey slides to the outside but Lashley catches him. Rey reverses it and throws Lashley into the ring post. A splash onto Lashley. Rey gets back in the ring and jumps over the top rope but Lashley catches him and throws him into the barricade. Rey jumps off the second rope but Lashley catches him and slams him onto the mat.

Lashley throws Rey to the outside of the ring. Lashley lifts Rey up on his shoulders and slams him into the ring post. Lashley spears Rey back in the ring. Lashley follows with a vertical suplex. Lashley places Rey in a tree of woe. Lashley goes for another spear but Rey lifts up and Lashley hits the turnbuckle.

Rey hits Lashley wit the 619. Rey with another 619 followed by a splash. He goes for the cover but Lashley lifts Rey up and applies the Hurt Lock as Rey taps out.

Result: Bobby Lashley wins

WWE Raw live results: AJ Styles and Omos def. The Dirty Dawgs

Former Raw Tag Team Champions

Roode and AJ are in the ring. AJ tags Omos into the match in the initial moments. Omos throws Roode in the corner and hits him with a clothesline. A splash in the corner follows. A chop to the chest next. Omos lifts Roode up on his shoulder and throws him into the turnbuckle. Ziggler is tagged in. Ziggler jumps on the back of Omos but Omos flips him and slams him down.

Omos picks Ziggler up on his shoulders and throws him in the air. AJ is tagged in. AJ hits Ziggler with the Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

Result: AJ Styles and Omos win

WWE Raw live results: Kevin Owens def. Finn Balor

kevin owens
Kevin Owens

Owens stomps on Balor as the match. He throws Balor to the ropes and a back elbow followed by a senton. Balor hits back with a jaw breaker followed by a drop kick. Owens goes for a power bomb but Balor gets on the ring apron. Owens manages to connect a spinning suplex.

Owens runs towards Balor but Balor with a kick to the face. Balor hits a clotheslines followed by a double stomp. He throws Owens to the outside. Balor with a senton over the top rope!

Owens sends Balor to the ropes and Balor with a boot to the face. Owens grabs Balor and slams him. He goes for a stunner but Balor rolls him up but Owens kicks out. Balor runs towards Owens but Owens with a superkick. Owens goes for a powerbomb but Balor with a back body drop.

Balor with a drop kick onto Owens and Owens falls onto the barricade. Balor throws Owens into the ring. Balor climbs the top rope, he goes for the Coup de Grace but Owens moves out of the way. Owens connects a power bomb. Now Owens climbs the top rope, he goes for a senton but Balor gets his knees up and connects a drop kick. Balor climbs the top rope but Owens trips him up. Owens hits him with the stunner for the win.

Result: Kevin Owens wins

WWE Raw live results: Rhea Ripley def. Carmella

rhea ripley

Right hands by Carmella asthe match begin. Rhea counters with chops onto Rhea. Carmella with a head lock but Rhea gets to her feet and slams Carmella into the turnbuckle. Rhea with chops to Carmella followed by a clothesline. A snap mare is followed by a drop kick.

Rhea hits a northern lights suplex. Carmella goes to the ring apron. Rhea goes for the drop kick but Carmella moves out of the way. Carmella connects a super kick. Carmella grabs Rhea but Rhea with a headbutt. She hits Carmella with the Rip Tide for the win.

Result: Rhea Ripley wins

WWE Raw live results: Queen Zelina def. Nikki A.S.H.

Zelina Vega defeated Doudrop at Crown Jewel 2021 to win the first ever Queen's Crown tournament
Zelina Vega

A head lock by Nikki as soon as the match begin. Zelina sends her to the ropes but Nikki counters with a cross body. Zelina throws Nikki in the corner and hits her knee to the face. Zelina with a head lock as Nikki is sent to the ropes but Nikki hits back with a drop kick.

Nikki with right hands. She lifts Zelina up on her shoulders and slams her down. Nikki climbs the top rope but Carmella distracts her. Zelina trips Nikki up and hits her with the Code Red for the win.

Result: Queen Zelina wins

WWE Raw live results: The Street Profits def. Alpha Academy

Dawkins kicks things off against Gable. Dawkins applies an arm drag. He suplexes Gable. Ford is tagged in and they double team Gable. Gable trips Ford and goes to the ropes but Ford connects a drop kick. Dawkins is tagged in and they double team Gable. Otis is tagged in and a right hand onto Dawkins. Otis headbutts.

Ford is knocked off the ring apron. He goes for a splash in the corner but Dawkins moves out of the way. Ford jumps over the top rope onto Gable knocking him down. Otis runs to the ropes and connects a splash on the knee . Gable is tagged back in and he throws Dawkins in the corner. A northern lights suplex by Gable.

Dawkins hits the Silencer. Ford and Otis are tagged in. Ford with several clotheslines. Ford runs to the ropes but Otis throws him in the air and slams him. Dawkins breaks up a pinfall attempt. Otis runs to the ropes but Dawkins holds his legs. Dawkins throws Otis into the barricade. Gable connects a cross body off the top rope but Ford reverses it into a cover for the win.

Result: The Street Profits win

WWE Raw live results: Becky Lynch’s segment

wwe raw live results

Liv Morgan is the No.1 Contender for the Raw Women’s Championship. Lynch gets in the ring and shows a clip of what Charlotte Flair said this past week on Smackdown. Charlotte is acting like she doesn’t know who Becky is. Lynch says she is the person who used to be her best friend. The person who was happy for every opportunity but also a person with a shoulder to cry on.

Lynch knows that a friendship with Charlotte Flair means you stay in the back. She had to do so much more than be a rip off, she had to recreate herself several times so she can be the biggest star in the industry. Her success has made Charlotte bitter. But at Survivor Series she is the person who will have Charlotte face her most insecure demons. This is not about brand supremacy, this is about legacy. And this Sunday, she will be the person who beats the living piss out of her.

Liv Morgan comes out to the ring. Liv tells Lynch she is sorry for interrupting but last week Lynch just walked away from her. She won the opportunity that she has been waiting for. A chance to take the Raw women’s championship off the person who at one point she admired the most.

Lynch tells Liv that last week she left to give her a moment. She is Liv’s biggest fan. She has even prepared a video for Liv. A clip from 4 months ago is shown from Talking Smack where Liv said that Lynch told her that when she would come back, Liv would be champion. Lynch says she is sorry, she didn’t mean to get her hopes up, she didn’t know Liv would under perform so badly.

Becky says she left for a year and a half, came back and won the title in 26 seconds. And all that time, Liv has done nothing. The point was for Liv to get the title while she was gone because now that she is back, Liv isn’t getting the title. Liv says on behalf of the entire WWE Universe, she thinks they can all agree that big time Becks is really just a big time b**ch. Becky goes to attack but Liv reverses it into an arm drag and Becky escapes from the ring.

WWE Raw live results: Bianca Belair def. Tamina

bianca belair
The EST of WWE

Bianca stomps on Tamina in the corner as soon as the match begins. But Tamina pushes Belair down. A clothesline by Tamina followed by a head lock. Tamina connects a splash in the corner followed by another clothesline. Tamina goes for a back drop but Bianca lands on her feet.

Bianca connects a dropkick followed by a spinebuster. Tamina knocks Bianca down. Tamina climbs the top rope but Bianca attacks her and throws Tamina off the top rope. Bianca goes for a moonsault but Tamina gets her knees up. Belair then goes for the KOD but Tamina sends her to the ropes. Bianca finally hits the KOD for the win.

Result: Bianca Belair wins

WWE Raw live results: Seth Rollins and The Usos def. Big E and RK Bro

wwe survivor series 2021
Big E and Rollins

As the match begins Orton connects a snap mare to Seth and Riddle is tagged in. They double team on Seth. Orton is tagged back in. Orton connects a series of uppercuts and Riddle is tagged in. Right hands by Seth and Jimmy is tagged in. He begins with a head lock.

Jimmy knocks Orton off the ring apron but Big E knocks Jimmy down. Riddle tags in Big E. Big E connects a belly to belly suplex onto Jimmy followed by a splash. Big E places Jimmy on the ring apron and connects another splash. Jey applies the head lock on Orton but is knocked down. Riddle and Rollins are tagged in. Big E knocks Jey to the outside. Jimmy knocks Big E to the outside and Seth rolls Riddle up for the win.

Result: Seth Rollins and The Usos win

WWE Raw live results: Big E and Riddle def. The Usos

wwe champion big e
Big E

The bell rings and Big E kicks things off against Jimmy Uso. Seth Rollins joins commentary. Big E connects a spear followed by an abdominal stretch. Riddle is tagged in and they double team. Jey is tagged in and they double team on Riddle. A right hand by Riddle and Big E is tagged in. He runs towards Jey but gets kicked in the face.

Jey knocks Riddle off the ring apron. Big E connects a belly to belly suplex and throws Jimmy to the outside. Big E grabs Jimmy and throws him towards Seth Rollins but Seth moves. Big E knocks Seth down and gets back in the ring. Rollins gets in the ring and attacks Big E as the referee calls for the bell.

Result: Big E and Riddle win

After the match, Randy Orton connects an RKO on Jey.

WWE Raw live results: Big E’s segment

wwe raw spoilers
Big E and Owens

WWE Champion Big E comes out to address Kevin Owens’ attack from last week. Big E says that since he became the Champion, a lot of people have their eyes on him. But the matter at hand is Roman Reigns. It was supposed to be brand vs brand, Champion vs Champion, but the Bloodline took it to a place where there is no coming back from.

Big E needs to make sure that there are empty beds in Brooklyn for them. But that is for Sunday at Survivor Series. But today is Monday Night Raw, Big E calls out Kevin Owens to the ring. Kevin Owens comes out to the ring, and says he will love nothing more than to beat him up.

Owens says Big E costed him the match against Seth Rollins last week. That was Owens’ third straight loss. Big E questioned his integrity too, leading him to snap. He was never lying but everyone who judges him can go to hell. Owens says that everything that happens from here on is Big E’s fault.

As Big E is walking back he is attacked by Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos. They say Roman Reigns has sent his regards. They claim to be better than RK Bro. Sonya Deville comes out and attacks announces a match.

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